Which social networking site is better facebook or orkut?

At present two social networking websites are very popular in India facebook and orkut. Up to last year, Orkut was ahead of facebook in terms of usage and numbers of registered users; however, from the start of this year orkut has lost its first position to facebook and we have seen major jump in popularity of facebook from the start of this year. Though, facebook was present in India from long time; however, it has seen sudden burst in popularity in just last two years only.

Many active orkut users are now shifting to facebook because of its advance features and its popularity. After seeing this shift, Orkut has also done many changes and added many new features; however, it now looks too late because facebook has already stolen the show. Today, if you are not on facebook then you are not present socially on internet. Facebook opens up opportunity in front of any person to meet online half billion people from across the world. On the other hand, Orkut is restricted to India and some countries only. Features, applications and scope of facebook are much better than orkut; therefore, at this point it is better to be on facebook. I am using both facebook and orkut from last four years and I have done numbers of social interaction online through them.

Both sites provide different experience; however, facebook looks more open space to interact socially. With facebook, we can do numbers of things simultaneously but this feature is not available with Orkut. Lately, orkut has waked up to competition and added new features and it is trying to give similar facebook like look to itself. At present, I will rate facebook much better and useful over orkut by analysing features of both of them and from my personal experience.
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