Today’s meeting points Facebook and Orkut

Today, it is very hard to undermine importance of facebook and orkut because our lives are becoming dependent on these social networking websites. In this busy life, we hardly get chance to meet our friends, relatives and known people personally so we look towards such alternative solutions like facebook and orkut to remain in contact of them. On facebook and orkut, we also interact with people on regular basis and get chance to see their lives through facebook and orkut.

Facebook and orkut also provide a great alternative in front of us to see general personality of a people and what are their likes and dislikes. These profiles of people on facebook and orkut also provide some inside in to their lives. Sometimes, some people look very attractive and interesting to us by visiting their profiles while others just look average or ordinary. New generation is finding these networking sites great alternative in front of them to make friends and express themselves.

We get chance to see many hidden skills and talents of these people on these networking sites. Sometimes, we suddenly discover that people have great artistic talents which we never saw in them when we met them personally. In today’s busy life, these sites are only alternative in front of us to socialise ourselves and learn more about others.
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