Why it is important to do what we enjoy?

Large numbers of people in this world ignore this fact that it is important to do what we truly enjoy. Generally, people run behind power, prestige and money; therefore, they do choose a work in life which can help them in achieving all this. Many time people work very hard for whole life to achieve all these things and ignore many comforts and family life. They never enjoy what they do; however, they still continue doing all this because they think that this work can help them in achieving their life goals.

At end, life just becomes a goal for them and they loss every interest and control on their life. It is very important to enjoy what we do because in this way, we feel it easy to do work and our work becomes a great pleasure for us. On the other hand, if we do not enjoy our work then our work becomes a great discomfort and pain for us. It is important to work for success in life; however, it is also simultaneously important to not ignore every comfort of life for achieving this life. Many times, people become ill and gather numbers of diseases because of their hectic work environment.

There is no advantage of lots of money and power in life which we cannot enjoy. According to psychology, prime aim of life of every person is happiness and we all run behind happiness so if we are not getting happiness in what we doing then we definitely need some changes in our life. Reverse of it, life becomes a great pleasure and happiness play ground when we do what we truly enjoy.
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