Enjoyment of cooking food

Sometimes, I enjoy cooking food and I know to cook numbers of food items; though, I am not a very good cook and cooking everyday can be very cumbersome job. Still cooking at certain occasions provides a great enjoyment and pleasure to me. We can achieve relaxation and satisfaction by cooking good food. It is important for every person to have knowledge of cooking so that he can cook food for himself and other in emergency conditions.

In India generally male do not cook food and job of cooking food remains with women. Therefore, we see less numbers of male so perfect in cooking. Overall, I feel that it is very easy to cook food at least simple dishes and it take just 15 to 30 minutes to cook such items, though, we need good hard work and higher cooking skills to cook more stylish dishes. I rate myself as average cook because I know how to cook most of general eatable items like Dal Chawal. With this cooking skill, I can remain assure that I will not remain hungry if there is nobody to cook food for me.

Despite all these facts, cooking provides a great enjoyment at numbers of time and I use cooking for relaxing myself. It is good for every person to have basic knowledge of cooking so that he can explore great secret of enjoyment and relaxation present in cooking. Cooking provides a great satisfaction as we feel good about quenching hunger of others. So discover your own enjoyment of cooking.
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