Time moves fast

Generally, every person thinks in life that he has lots of time in this world; however, after few years he realises that he has lost his golden time. This story is true for large numbers of people who spent their most of life in work or earning money so that they can enjoy their rest of life peacefully. However, when they enter their old age or middle age then they realises that they have failed to enjoy their life in a way in which they always wanted to enjoy it.

It is very important to understand that time moves fast and old times never come back. At some time in life, we look back at old time and think about beautiful opportunities missed by us. Money, success and achievements are also important in life; however, we should never achieve them on the cost of our life and time. It is very important to have some time for our self, enjoyment, vacations, family and friends. Otherwise, we just became a machine who produces money and success.

Enjoyment should take front priority is life because we hardly get chance to enjoy same kind of time again in life. We may achieve lots of money and success in life; however, all this is in vein if we do not have enough friends and family members to enjoy these golden times. Life is great opportunity present in the hands of any person and now, it only depends on us that we explore this opportunity with enjoyment or not.
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