Schedule Common Wealth games

From 3rd October, 2010 onwards Indian capital New Delhi will host commonwealth games. Opening ceremony of games will take place on 3rd October and closing ceremony will be on 14th October. It is a proud moment for all Indians that India is hosting world class sports event. During Common wealth games thousands of players and millions of support fans from different nations are expected to arrive in Delhi. Indian government has spent crores of rupees to create new world stadiums and sports village for stay of players. People can watch common wealth games by buying tickets for various events and numbers of games will also be shown on national television. Below, people can find schedule of different games and events so that they can plan to watch these games.

Event Stadium Date

Opening Ceremony JN Stadium 3rd Oct
Diving Dr SPM Complex 10-13 Oct
Swimming Dr SPM Complex 4-9 Oct
Syn. Swimming Dr SPM Complex 6-7 Oct
Archery Y.S.C 4-10 Oct
Track&Field JN Stadium 6-12 Oct
Marathon JN Stadium 14 Oct
Walk JN Stadium 9 Oct
Badminton S.F.S.C 4-14 Oct
Boxing T.I.S 5-11,13 Oct
Cycling IG Sports Complex 5-8,10,13 Oct
Gymnastic IG Sports Complex 4-8, 12-14 Oct
Hockey M.D.C.N.S 4-14 Oct
Netball T.S.C 4-12,14 Oct
Rugby D U 11-12 Oct
Shooting D.K.S.S.R 5-13 Oct
Squash S.F.S.S 4-13 Oct
Table Tennis Y.S.C 4-10 Oct
Weightlifting JN Stadium 4-12 Oct
Wrestling IG Sport Complex 5-10 Oct
Closing Cremony JN Stadium 14th Oct

Y.S.C - Yamuna Sports Complex
S.F.S.C - Siri Fort Sports Complex
T.I.S - Talkatora Indoor Stadium
T.S.C - Thyagaraj Sports Complex
D U - Delhi University
D.K.S.S.R - Dr Karni Singh Shooting Range
S.F.S.S - Siri Fort Sports Complex
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