No one can control his Luck

When sometimes, I look back at past then I realise importance of fate and luck in our lives. Many of my friends were extremely talented, smart and rich in past; however, today they have lost most of these things and they are living very ordinary lives. Same is also true for many of my relatives who were once very boastful of their lives. On the other hand, many of my friends and relatives are extremely successful despite no help available to them in past.

In all these cases, luck played great role and turned their lives in opposite directions. From all these observations, I can only conclude that luck plays a very great role in any person’s life. Despite all advantageous in life, many people still fail or do not achieve desired potential in their lives, whereas many people succeed and achieve great heights in life despite all odds. Luck is great help if it favours any person in good way and it is great enemy if start putting obstacles in our way. Therefore, it is very important for any person to not boastful of his talent, richness and smartness because when luck is against us then nothing helps us.

Moreover, such people do not find any good help in life because they were always boastful of their advantageous over others. It is very important for every person never forget this truth that no one can control his fate. Luck or fate has great power stored in it for changing any person’s life in any way. Though, it is not necessary to fear from fate because when we do right things in life and follow path of truth then our luck always favours us.
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