Does life a woman/girl changes after marriage?

A woman’s life see many changes after marriage as she become part of a new family and generally, she is required to adjust well with her new family. Numbers of responsibilities and level of work also increases significantly for any woman after marriage. We can divide these changes as positive changes or negative changes. Some women face very difficult time after marriage and their life becomes very tough; on the other hand life of many other women becomes very easy after marriage.

Though, still mostly life of women become tough after marriage in India because Indian society put more restrictions on any woman as compared to her husband. Therefore, life of many such married women become very restricted and controlled by others. In some family, we see no respect for women and they are treated as servants who have no right speak on any matter. Though, today’s Indian women have progressed in every phase of life and they are not behind men in anyway still we see world more biased towards men.

It is very important to provide all necessary comforts to a women/girl who is entering a new family and finally accepts this family as her own family. I hope that all men will understand their responsibility and provide good comfortable atmosphere to their wife so that she should not feel that her life has changed significantly or became difficult.
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