When Religion become more important than humanity

Religion is great institution available in front of us to learn about spiritually and good conduct in life. All religions guide us to discover hidden potentials stored in us and power of god. However sadly, many times people become so much influenced by their religion that they start killing humanity. Today, we can find widespread hatred and tension among people of different religions because they do not want to understand and appreciate each other’s ideologies.

Therefore, we see many tortures and killings on the name of religion. It is good to be a religious person; however, it is very very sad to be a religious person who criticise other religions and work in direction to create problems for people of other religions. I am a Hindu by religion; however, I have studied many religions because I find many unique points in every religion. Though, every religion points towards same kind of strong spiritual force whom we can give many names of Allah, God, Jesus, Ram, Nanak etc.

I put humanity above religion because when humanity dies all religions die in this world. However, very less numbers of people in this world consider about humanity because they are highly influenced by hatred for other religions. I again want to clarify that love for one’s religion is not bad thing; however, hatred for religions of other’s is most bad thing in this world. New generation slowly understands this fact and they are giving more importance to humanity over religion; therefore, we can hope that our world will also become friendly for humanity as it is friendly for religion.
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