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Who will win Twenty20 world cup 2010 in West Indies ?

Cricket twenty20 world cup 2010 is starting from today, 30th April and it will end on 16th May, 2010. There are total of 12 teams playing in Twenty20 world cup 2010 which includes India, Australia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan, South Africa, England, Ireland and West Indies. This time T20 World cup 2010 is being played in West Indies. This time teams of Zimbabwe and Afghanistan will replace last year’s teams of Netherland and Scotland in 2010 T20 world cup. Last T20 world Cup held in 2009 was won by Pakistan which was second runner up team of first T20 world cup 2007. India won first Twenty20 Cup 2007. For 2010 T20 world cup, we can find very hard competition among participating teams. There are total four groups in T20 World Cup and each group contain 3 teams. From each group only two teams will qualify for super eight matches. From these eight teams, four teams will qualify for Semi final and then two teams for final. Teams which look to be in g

Katrina- Salman rated Hottest Couple

As per latest survey conducted by online website, Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan are rated as hottest couple of India by public. This pair has beaten other hottest couples of Bollywood like Aishwarya Rai- Abhishek Bachchan, Kareena Kapoor- Saif Ali Khan. This win shows the acceptance of this pair among general public and how people wants to see them together. Hopefully, fans of Katirna and Salman will get many opportunities to see this pair together. Below, people can watch detailed ANI report on this matter.

Entry and Exit of Lalit Modi

In last few years, Lalit Modi emerged as a great and powerful figure in Indian cricket world that holds power to do anything. We can give full credit to Lalit Modi for making IPL a big success worldwide; however, he simultaneously used IPL for increasing his wealth and power which created lots of enemies for him. People in India are mad for cricket and with new formulas like IPL; Lalit Modi gave people new flavour of cricket which is full of more excitement and glamour. Therefore, people liked concept of IPL with both hands and converted it in to a big business success. IPL formula becomes so successful that many big industries entered in to this venture by buying their own cricket teams. Today every big industrialist wants to have his own IPL cricket team because IPL teams are earning good amount of profits and publicity to them. Even many world sports federations want to copy concept of IPL for making their sports more successful and profitable. However, all this success did not wor

New Trailer movie Kites

Below, people can enjoy third promo of Hrithik Roshan’s much awaited movie “Kites”. This film is expected to be released across India on 21 st May, 2010. Mexican actress Barbara Mori will also be seen in this film with Hrithik Roshan, Kangana Ranaut, Kabir Bedi. Fans of Hrithik Roshan are waiting for this film from long time and we can hope that this film will meet their expectations. To watch first trailers visit “ Watch Trailer Hrithik and Barbara’s movie Kites ”, Watch latest trailer of Hrithik’s movie “Kites”

Video of Music launch of Movie Raavan

Below, people can enjoy video of music launch ceremony of Mani Ratnam’s forthcoming Hindi film “Raavan”. Music of this film is given Oscar winner music director A R Rahman. He himself gave music presentation to showcase music of movie Raavan. Main cast of film includes Abhishek Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Govinda, Ravi Kishan, Nikhil Dwivedi and Vikram. This film will be released on 18 June, 2010. Also visit First Teaser/Trailer Mani Ratnam’s movie Raavan

Time Table/ Schedule Twenty20 world cup 2o10 (Surper Eight)

Below, people can find complete time table and schedule for forthcoming Twenty20 world which is starting in West Indies from 30 April, 2010. Total 12 teams from 12 different nations will play in t20 world cup 2010. 12 teams for Twenty20 world cup 2010 includes India, Australia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan, South Africa, England, Ireland and West Indies. Teams of Zimbabwe and Afghanistan will replace last year’s teams of Netherland and Scotland in 2010 t20 world cup. For live score visit- Timetable/schedule Cricket World Cup 2011 Watch Live Score All Matches Cricket World Cup 2011 Groups detail t20 world cup 2010 (West Indies) Group A Australia (AU), Bangladesh (BN), Pakistan (PK) Group B New Zealand (NZ), Sri Lanka (SL), Zimbabwe (ZW) Group C Afghanistan (AF), India (IN), South Africa (SA) Group D England (EN), Ireland (IR), West Indies (WI) Time Table/Schedule Twenty20 world cup 2010 West Indies Date Time Teams Place League Matc

Wife as Girlfriend and Friend

Though, I am not still married; however, I have seen lives of many married people and found it that husbands and wives lives like aliens in same home. Many times, husbands and wives do not have proper understanding levels and they fail in understanding each other’s point of views. Every husband can solve this problem to large extent if he starts treating his wife as his girlfriend and friend because in this way he can add lots of excitement to his married life. Generally, husband and wife relationships become very complex because both starts expecting too much from other partner and that without sharing personal expectation with each other. We can easily share everything with our friend; therefore, we always look for a true friend in this world. Now if we succeed in getting a true friend in the form of wife then it becomes very easy to live happily together. Similarly, it is also important to treat wife as a girlfriend because in this way we can add lots of romance to any married life

Leaving past behind

It is very important for every person to leave his or her past behind and start fresh because many times our past experiences stops us from taking numbers of decisions in present. It is very easy to find large numbers of people in this world who remains affected with their past experiences. It is good to learn lessons from past life but it is totally wrong to allow our past to influence our present. However, many times people have strong past memories that these memories always remain fresh in their minds and when these memories remain fresh in our mind then there remain good numbers of chances that we might compare our present experiences with past experiences. This situation causes lots of problems in the lives of people and they find it hard to generally come out of these issues. Many new relationships fail in this world because we start comparing them with our past experiences. It is important for all of us to understand that every experience is a new experience and it is not right

Salman Khan- I am too old

According to latest news available in video report available below, Salman Khan has refused to accept role of a college going boy because he is saying that he is too old for this role. It is very hard for millions of Salman’s fans to digest this news that their hero will no longer will be seen in younger looks. It is also right on the part of Salman Khan to not accept such role because his increasing age will not permit him for such roles. Below, people can watch complete report on this subject.

Human moods and their effects

We all human being goes through various mood changes every day and mostly these moods then affect our behaviour. Generally, it is good to have strict control on our moods; however, it is very hard to find a single person in this world who can have complete control on his moods. Therefore, we all human being gets effected by our moods to some extent. Human moods can vary from person to person and there are millions of things which make or break our moods. A mood can be defined as psychological state where we likes to do or not do something like today I have mood for swimming or today I do not want to go for walk. Human moods effects life a person to large extent and we all face various mood changes daily. It is important for every person to understand his own mood patterns so that he can work in coordination with his moods. It is also important to understand well moods of people living with us so that we can make them more comfortable with us. It is hard to imagine a life without human

IPL controversy

Nobody would have ever though that IPL will one day go through so many controversies. Today, IPL is under the scanner of many investigating agencies for cheating with cricket fans and various government departments. First people felt shocked when they heard that IPL is not giving any income tax despite making so much of money and they get second shock when they learned about Shashi Tharoor’s link in helping his friend for getting an IPL cricket team. Now, there are also signs of match fixing in IPL which further decreases credibility of this game. Today, IPL has become very popular in India and lots of people love to watch IPL cricket matches; however, it looked that IPL is just another money making machine designed to cheat people . Now it has become very important to investigate all these issues properly so that people can learn about truth behind these allegations. It is not right on the part of esteemed organisations like BCCI to encourage such activities in cricket for making mor

Successful people never answer their phone

Below, people can watch very thought provoking video by’s founder Bob Parsons. In this video, he is highlighting importance of time management, work management and delegating work. People can learn lots of good stuff from this video for becoming a successful person in any field. Overall, this is very good and short video which makes us to learn many good things important for our success.

Live score Mumbai Indians Vs Royal Challengers Bangalore First Semi Final IPL

Today, IPL teams Mumbai Indians and Royal Challengers Bangalore will face each other in first semi finals of IPL 2010. This game will decide which team will enter finals of IPL 2010. Below, people can enjoy live score of first semi final of IPL T20 2010. Mumbai Indians looks to be slightly string team as compared to Royal Challengers Bangalore team; though, it is very hard to exactly predict that which team will win this game. This match will start at 8 PM as per Indian Standard Time. Timetable/schedule Cricket World Cup 2011 Watch Live Score All Matches Cricket World Cup 2011

How easy is to get a Driving Licence in India?

Every Indian know this fact that it is much and much easier in India to get a driving licence and sometimes, people get it even without actually giving any driving test. Main reason behind this problem is that easy rules for allotting a driving licence and widespread corruption in various transport offices. Though, situation has improved with time thanks to use of modern technology; however, still we need many improvements. Road conditions in India are toughest in world; however, here large numbers of people who drive are not fully trained and tested for their skills. Below, people can watch video presentation defining this issue.

Abhishek and Aishwarya will have a Baby Boy

As per one of leading astrologers, Abhisehk and AIshwarya will soon become parent of a beautiful boy. According to astrologer, as per the charts of Abhishek and Aiswarya there are good chances that Abhishek and Aishwarya will have first child as a boy. Same astrologer also gave right prediction about Aishwarya Rai winning Miss World title; therefore, we can hope that this time also his predictions will go right. Below, people can watch complete interview with this astrologer. For more visit- Latest on Abhishek and Aishwarya

About is website of BSNL Employee Union central Head quarter, New Delhi. Unions are strongly present in every big public sector organisation in India and BSNL also has a very strong Union. Unions help people working in an organisation from being exploited by organisation or higher authorities and due to this reason, unions have become very successful in India. is main website of BSNL Employee Union and here people can easily find all important information related to BSNL Employee Union. BSNL EU updated its members with the help of this website and BSNL employee can find all important information being updated on this website. This website updates minute by minute information on union activities of BSNL Employee Union; therefore, all BSNL Employee Union members depend on this website to get updated information.

About is official website of National Federation of Telecom Employees with its central head quarter in Delhi. This website is published and edited by comrade N.T.Sajwani, who is also general secretary of this federation. On this site, federation members and general people can find details of NFTE meetings and discussions. This site regularly updates its members about latest developments and changes in federation. This site helps National Federation of Telecom Employees to easily communicate with all members. In the present world, it is hard to not have a regular website because a website is a tool which makes it very easy to spread important information with public. This site is freely accessible and any person can read latest updates.

Unwanted calls from +401, +393(anynumber) and unknown numbers

Recently, I received unknown and unwanted calls from +393293222768, +401 and unknown numbers. From last few days, I am receiving such calls very often. +393 is code of mobile numbers of Italy; though, I do not know anyone in Italy. Similarly, there is no authentic international number like +401. Few calls were from private or unknown numbers. After getting these calls, I searched online and found that like me large numbers of people are getting such calls. Generally, no callers of these calls say anything to me and others; though, there are also some insistences where people were told about winning a contest or lucky draw. Overall, all these calls look to be very suspicious and filled of bad intensions; therefore, my advice for every person in India is to avoid taking such calls. In the present world of internet telephony many people are using such numbers to exploit other ordinary people. Best strategy against such calls and people is to go these calls unnoticed without picking them a

Live Indian Stock Market (NSE BSE) Information

People who constantly invest in stock market know the importance of live and fast information related to Indian stock market. It is very important for all stock market investor to get updated news and trends on stock market so that they can decide their next action accurately. Though, many times it become very hard to get all necessary information on time because all available resources do not provide all related information on single page. To solve this problem, people can visit stock market information blog . On this blog, people can find all live and updated information on Indian stock market (NSE/BSE) very easily. Not only, this blog covers information related to Indian stock market but it also major world stock markets and show live international financial news channels. Therefore, people can easily update themselves about all major trends in Indian and world stock markets by visiting this website. All services are freely available and people can ev

First Teaser/Trailer Mani Ratnam’s movie Raavan

Below, people can enjoy just released teaser/trailer of Mani Ratnam’s forthcoming Hindi film Raavan. This film is written by Mani Ratnam and he has also directed this film. Abhishek Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Govinda, Ravi Kishan, Nikhil Dwivedi and Vikram will play main roles in this film. This film will be released across India on 18 June, 2010. Audio is of film will be released on 24th April. Film Raavan is modern day’s version of epic Ramayana. Also visit Video of Music launch of Movie Raavan For more visit- Latest on Abhishek and Aishwarya

Movie review Phoonk 2

There is one thing clear about film producer Ram Gopal Verma that he uses all marketing skills to market his films and he mostly succeeds in creating hype about his films. This time before the release of movie “Phoonk 2”, Ram Gopal run a good advertising campaign that “Phoonk 2” is best horror film ever made in Bollywood and heart patient should avoid watching this film. After watching this, I can only saw that Phoonk 1 was much better than Phoonk 2. From any angle, Phoonk 2 hardly looks a very-2 horror rich film and even sometimes, it gives us feeling of a comedy movie. Actors Sudeep and Ahsaas Channa have played lead roles in this film and there acting is below average. Overall, there is nothing new in Phoonk 2 and film repeat age old tricks to make people feeling horrified. Ram Gopal Verma needs to learn some lessons from his foolish films that only good marketing strategy can never succeed in making a film super hit. I will only rate Phoonk 2 one point out of five points.

Movie review Paathshaala

Today, Shahid kapoor’s movie “Paathshaala” hit theatres across India. Ayesha Takia and Nana Patekar are also playing lead role in this film. As name of movie suggests, “Paathshaala” movie is about a school and children studying in it. About movie Paathshaala, I would like to say that sometimes when we try to overdue things then mostly we do them wrongly. Same is also true for movie “Paathshaala”. Movie looks to be giving too much lectures and many times totally fails in relating with audience. Shahid Kapoor hardly convinces people as a good teacher who truly wants to help his student, though; Nana Patekar has shown some good performance. Love angle between Shahid Kapoor and Ayesha Takia also looks to be very slow and hardly convincing. Script of movie looks to be written in very hurry and without any thought. Direction of film is also poor. Overall, there is nothing present in movie “Paathshaala” which we can enjoy in theatre. Music of film is also below average; therefore, there is no

About Indian Passport and Passport enquiry

All Indian residents who want to travel abroad needs a legal document issued by government of India called passport. Without a valid passport, it is not possible of any person living in India to go abroad. Passports are issued across India by regional passport offices situated in all major state towns and capitals. Application forms for getting a passport are easily available in major post offices across India or people can download it from official government of India passport website. Main website for all information related to passport of India is . On this website, people can easily learn about all formalities, documents and fee required for making getting an Indian passport. All regional passport offices do offer Tatkaal Passport scheme under which any person can get passport in just seven to fifteen days. On this website, people can easily find links to all regional passport offices and their status pages. Or people can also follow, links available below t

Watch Dharamshala Cricket Stadium

Today, first IPL match will be played in new Dharamshala cricket stadium. With the help of video available below, people can watch Dharmshala Cricket Stadium. People of Dharamshala and Himachal are excited about match of IPL being played in Dharamshala. In future, we can expect that more international matches will be played in Dharamshala as Dharamshala has all latest facilities to conduct an international cricket match. Also visit Timetable/schedule Cricket World Cup 2011

Volcano eruption in Iceland

Presently, whole of world is partially affected by second huge volcanic eruption in Iceland within a month period. This volcanic eruption is so strong that it has forced large numbers of airlines to ground their flights leaving for Europe. Major effected part of Europe is North part of Europe. Volcanic eruption is so forceful that it has caused volcano debris to fly up to 30000 feet above in sky and this volcanic cloud is moving towards south direction, thus causing major threat for planes flying above North Europe. Mostly, airlines planes also fly at this height thus increasing chances of volcano debris colliding with planes. Due to precaution, most of airlines have cancelled their flights to Europe causing major problem for thousands of travellers. As per some volcanic experts, this volcanic eruption can continue for one month; therefore, we cannot expect any immediate relief from this problem in near future. Iceland is a small European island nation situated in North Atlantic Ocean

No tax for IPL

Yesterday, I learned strange information through various news channels that IPL does not give any tax on its income because it considers itself as a charitable institute which is promoting sports in India. Though, we can say that IPL is helping game of cricket; however, it is also true that IPL is making huge money from tournaments; therefore, it becomes duty of IPL organisers to pay taxes properly to government. It is duty of every citizen of India and Indian organisations to pay their taxes properly so that this money can be used for the growth of our nation. Now, if big profit earning organisations like IPL will not give their share of taxes then how we can expect proper growth of India. Mostly, ordinary people pay their taxes religiously without missing anything but many big originations do numbers of frauds for not giving taxes to government. We cannot expect this kind of behaviour from highly popular organisations like IPL, which has become a money making institute. Main promoter

Sania and Shoeib reception Pictures

Sania Mirza finally married to Shoeib Malik, a Pakistani cricketer, despite all controversy related to this issue. Now this new couple has started a happy married life and we can hope that they will be settled well in their married life. Below, people can enjoy some pictures from reception ceremony of Sania and Shoeib. It looks from pictures that Sania, Shoeib and their families are completely enjoying this occasion.

Video of Maoist training camp

Below, people can watch exclusive video footage from inside of an unknown Maoist training camp and in this video people can watch that how Maoists are going through very hard training. Today, Maoist problem has taken very big shape in India and it offering big threat to democracy of India. In many parts of India in Naxal hit areas, Maoists have full control and they run parallel governments. Present, Maoists are also equipped with latest arms and ammunitions which has become matter of great concern; therefore, it has become demand of time to solve this problem very fast before it goes out of control of Indian government. Also visit- Naxal Violence- it is enough now

True love is very hard

Recently, I heard two examples of true love where people passed through very hard pain when they were separated from their true love. It is hard to believe that people can become mad when they will be separated from their love; however, many such examples are truly present in front of us where people have lost their control. Generally, it is very hard to define what true love is and does it exist in this world or not? However, strangely few examples emerge in front of us where lover do extraordinary things for getting their love. When we see life of such people then we learn that it is very hard to live in true love. True love or love can force people to do numbers of strange things in life which generally, people do not do in their normal state. Though, true love is a hard game but it also makes us to feel strange emotion of love which we can not experience otherwise. Emotion of love makes us to see and feel many strange feelings which make us a strong person emotionally. Despite hard

Old age and pain of leaving everything

We may say whatever about old age but many times, it becomes very hard to easily live old age life. Mostly, old people are forced to leave their roots for living a neglected life somewhere else. Old people find neglected in present fast life and young generation gives very less importance to old people living around them. Therefore, old people live a life confined to a very small area and scope. Sometimes, people also start believing old people as burden and neglect most of their needs. Generally, old people do not ask for much; however, due to generation gap we do not like their observations and thoughts. It is also important for old people to sometimes avoid too much interference into the lives of young ones. Young generation is also required to understand aspirations of old people and fulfill some of them. Money can provide a great security to old people and it is their only true friend in difficult situations. Sometimes, old people give their all money to their kids and relatives

Glowing face

Every person in this world wants to have a glowing face so that he can look attractive to others; however, there are numbers of face related problems present in this world which stop people from gaining it. Acne problem is one very common problem which stops lots of people from achieving such glowing face. It is very important to treat acne problem on time so that it should not affect us. People can get help of acne treatments like acne spot treatment for treating acne related problems on time. Today such effective treatments for acne problems are easily available across the world and people can get their help to solve acne related problems. People can even look for good help and information available online to treat acne related problems well.

Mega success of IPL 3 (Success Story of IPL)

Today, no person in India has slightest doubt on the success of IPL 3 because IPL 3 has broken all records of success in earning and popularity. Even BCCI might not have thought while starting IPL that it will become so big success one day. Experiment of IPL by BCCI has even made game of cricket more interesting and rewarding for players. Thanks to IPL now large numbers of cricket players from different parts of India can play cricket at national level. Even large numbers of international players are finding IPL more rewarding than international and domestic cricket of their country. It is very easy to find people gluing to their TV screening whenever IPL matches starts and it is even hard to get tickets for IPL matches. All these points only indicate acceptance of IPL in India and how people like concept of IPL. Though, it is also important to understand that IPL should not affect other forms of cricket because it is important for game of cricket that it should remain alive in all for

Watch latest trailer of Hrithik’s movie “Kites”

Below, people can enjoy second trailer of Hrithik Roshan’s forthcoming and much talked movie “Kites”. To watch first trailer visit “ Watch Trailer Hrithik and Barbara’s movie Kites ”, New Trailer movie Kites . In this film, Hrithik will be seen with Barbara Mori, a Mexican actress. In kites movie people can enjoy lots of exotic locations and extreme action. Movie Kites is likely to become biggest hit film of 2010 because of lots of hype attached with this film plus huge fan following of Hrithik. Other main character of film include Kangana Ranaut, Kabir Bedi and Luce Rains. This film will have 131 minutes length in Hindi version and 90 minutes length in English version. This film will be released across world 21st May, 2010.

Extra care for women

Large numbers of women across the world do not take proper care of their health and therefore suffer from various physical illnesses. Mostly women become so much busy in daily household jobs that they find very less time for taking care of themselves. According to government of India study almost half population of women in India suffer from various malnutrition related problems. It is very important for women to take care of their health properly. Due to different body structure and needs, women need help of various essential vitamins for women. Many such medicine and nutritional products are easily available on all leading drug stores or people can even buy them from online stores. Women can even consult a good physician to get proper treatment and start right kind of drugs. Good health is essential part of life; therefore, women should take care to remain healthy.

Mumbai Indians is favourites for IPL 3 win

Presently, Mumbai Indians team has performed very well in IPL 3 and there are good chances that this team can win IPL 3. So far, Mumbai Indian team has played 8 matches in IPL 3 and they have won 7 matches. Therefore, Mumbai Indians team is at the top of point table with 14 points. Delhi Deardevils team is at second place with 12 points from 9 games played by it. Other 6 teams of IPL are much behind Mumbai Indians team; therefore, all these points indicate towards the strength of Mumbai Indians team. This year Mumbai Indians team has shown great performance under the leadership of legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar. Sachin has also performed very well in this tournament and he is second highest run getter in IPL 3. Presently, Mumbai Indians and Sachin Tendulkar fans are very excited with this great performance by Mumbai Indians. Mumbai Indians team has already qualified for semi finals and we can hope that Mumbai Indians team will also reach finals of IPL 3.

How to use a credit card wisely?

It is an art to use credit cards wisely; otherwise, people can land in big troubles by overspending money on credit cards. Credit cards offers us a credit limit which in simple words is a preapproved loan which we can spend any time even without having enough balance in our bank account. Mostly, we are required to pay back this money within 20 to 50 days. Moreover, we can even pay this money over a long time by paying back some interest to Credit Card Company. In this situation, credit card companies make lots of money because they charge very high amount of daily/monthly interest on money which force people to pay back lots of interest money for using money from their credit cards; therefore, sometimes people even take more loans and credit cards to pay previous out standings on their credit card. This approach is very harmful because it only lands us in more troubles day by day. Best approach of using a credit card wisely is to spend money in such manner from credit card so that we

Shilpha Shetty will now have a football team

According to latest news, famous Indian star Shilpa Shetty is going to buy her own football team too because her experiment with IPL cricket team has become very successful. Therefore, Shilpa Shetty hopes that her football team will also become quite successful like her cricket team. Moreover, it has also become public that Shilpa Shetty likes football game more than cricket game. With Shilpa Shetty buying a football team in India, we can hope that condition of game of football in India will improve and our Indian football team will one day qualify for football world cup. Below, people can watch video report on this whole matter.

Akshay and Aishwarya in 70’s chemistry

Soon fans of Akshay and Aishwarya will see them recreating 70’s chemistry in their forthcoming movie “Action replay”. According to news, Akshay Kumar and Aishwarya Rai will recreate many romantic scenes from 70’s hit romantic films in one song of film. Recreation of popular scenes from old Hindi films has become a trend in Bollywood and we are seeing many such experiments. Below, people can also watch video report on this whole matter.

Waiting for Acceptance of others

In life, many people wait too much for getting acceptance from others and in this way; they miss lots of other opportunities in life. It is good to get acceptance from lots of people; however, sometimes we need not to wait too long for these acceptances. Life can be good without acceptance of many people and if some people do not want to give their acceptance to us then it is fine to go alone without their acceptance. There is nothing wrong in doing some work in this direction and to get confidence of others. However, we cannot waste too much of time in this wait that whole world will accept us. Sometimes, people do not first accept what we are doing and why we are doing something but later when we become successful in it slowly everyone starts accepting our approach towards life. It is our life and we can move it in any direction. Life becomes more enjoyable when we also get acceptance of people associated with us; however, sometimes, it is also fine to go alone without having accepta

Promo movie Paathshaala

Below, people can watch trailer of Shahid Kapoor’s latest film “Paathshaala”. This film is based on children and role of schools in shaping their lives. Shahid is playing role of a school teacher in this film. We can watch other stars like Nana Patekar and Ayesha Takia in this film.

Amir Khan in KBC 3?

According to latest news Amir Khan is going to host Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) 2. Presently talks are going between KBC production team and Amir Khan and we can see Amir Khan in next KBC if both parties reach at an agreement. KBC 1 and KBC 2 were hosted by Amitabh Bachan and Shahrukh Khan respectively; therefore, we can hope to see Amir Khan doing KBC 3 also. Soon, we can hope to get confirm news on this matter. People can also watch video report on this matter.

Live NSE BSE 2 (Live Indian Stock Market)

Below, people can find second update on getting live updates of India’s two leading stock exchanges. On this page, people can find live stock market ticker which will continuously update moving prices of leading stocks plus information and graphs of NSE and BSE indexes. These gadgets available below will provide good information to people about Indian stock market. All gadgets work automatically; therefore, fresh information will be available on NSE BSE as soon as it will be available. For more Live information visit- Live Indian Stock Market (NSE BSE) Information Live NSE BSE Stock Market Ticker Nifty chart and update BSE Chart update

Making house look beautiful

People across the world do numbers of things to make their house look beautiful because we all want that our house should look very beautiful. Every person has great attachments with his or her home; therefore, we want our home to be special. Today, we can easily find many solutions in market to make our home look better than other homes. People can easily find many options for outdoor décor on various online web store. It is better to check all available solutions before finalising one for our homes because we do not construct our homes again and again. Moreover, personal taste also does matter over general trends and it is not advisable to just follow few popular trends if they do not meet our requirements.

Not hurting others with our talks

It is very easy to hurt anyone with our talks and it takes just few seconds to say wrong words to others. Mostly, we see relationships falling in this world because of wrong words being said by partners to each other. It is important to talk sensibly to maintain a good relationship and make it stronger with each passing day. By talking, we express ourselves and tell other person what we think or feel about him. Mostly, we judge or understand other people by their talks; therefore, importance of good talks gets increased by many times. However, large numbers of people do not give importance to what they say and mostly land in situations where they hurt others with their talks. Sometimes, people got hurt so much that they remember these words for years to get revenge from us when bad time enters in to our life. It is not very hard to speak good words and by having good feelings for others, we can easily learn to speak good words. A person can easily win any person heart in this world who

Controversial love story of Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik

Presently, whole of India is watching latest controversy related to famous Indian Tennis star Sania Mirza and Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik. First people felt shocked when they learned about love story of Sania and Shoaib and their intentions to marry each other. Later this controversy became more heated up with the entry of controversial wife of Shoaib Malik Ayesha Siddiqui. Ayesha is another girl from Hyderabad who claims that she is legally married to Shoaib whereas Shoaib Malik has denied these claims and according to him he has even not once meet Ayesha. Though, Shoaib has accepted this fact that he knows Ayesha family well. He is also saying that a fraud is being done with him by Ayesha family. Sania Mirza has also totally come forward in the support of Shoaib and today, both appeared in front of media to clear their point of views. Sania and Shoaib told media that they are getting married on 15 April under all kind of conditions. All these matters have made this love story ve

Will you cheat of your partner or not?

People who want to understand about themselves or their partner that will you or your partner will cheat your or not then they can watch study available below. According to this study, you or our partner will have more chances of cheating each other if their forefinger is bigger than their second finger. High presence of testosterone in blood is also responsible for cheating habits of a person. Cheating their partners after marriage has become very common in present world and therefore, we are seeing many studies being done in this direction to solve this mystery.

Importance of good friendship

It is very important in this world to have few good friends because we need few trustworthy people to share our feeling and get some advice from time to time. Good friends can help us by listening to our problems and by guiding us in difficult situations. It is not important to have so many friends but it is important to have few good friends because a single good friend is much better than many friends. Mostly, people run for large numbers of friends and they forget to make good friends. When difficult situations come in our life then only our true and good friends come forward to help us; therefore, it becomes important to have true friends in life. We can easily make true friends in this world by first offering true friendship to others. It is not very hard to find few true and good friends in world and we can find them in relationship or location. It does not matter that how friend looks like or he is a male or female; we can find our true friend in any shape. True friend is any pe

Priyanka Chopra to take more sensitive role

Soon, Bollywood’s popular star Priyanka Chopra will be seen in more sensitive role because she is playing numbers of sensitive role in her forthcoming films. In recent past, Priyanka Chopra has tried various kinds of roles from action, comedy to romantic. Like previous performances, we can hope that Priyanka will also do well in this new avatar.

Care in allergy problem

In the present world, allergy problems are increasing very fast; therefore, it is becoming important to take proper care for treating these problems. Care and various precautions are very important for managing an allergy problem; otherwise, allergy problem can cause lot of problems to people. Today, large numbers of advance treatments and medicines are available in market to get allergy relief . It is very important to consult a good doctor and follow all precautions. Allergy problems can be caused by many reasons and thanks to advancement in science; we can treat some of these problems. It is also important for patient to understand his allergy problem properly so that he can avoid situations and substances which can increase his allergy problem. Overall, people can live with allergy problem if they follow treatment and precautions well.

Need of clear goals

Any person who wants to achieve good success in life needs support of goals because goals can provide great motivation and guidance to us in achieving our goals. All big leaders and entrepreneurs of present world have achieved great successes in this world because they had clear goals. Today, large numbers of people are failing in this world because they do not clear goals and they are running behind so many things simultaneously. It is important to understand that we cannot achieve all goals simultaneously and we need one by one approach to achieve these goals. Second it is very important to have strong motivation for achieving our goals because this strong motivation can make it easy for us to achieve our goals. People can easily increase effectiveness by having clear goals and strong motivation towards these goals. In life, when we succeed in achieving one goal then our motivation level further increases for achieving second goal. Therefore, we can easily achieve one goal after anot

Wastage of useful Time

We all people get numbers of opportunities in life to prove over selves; however, due to laziness or lack of motivation we waste most of useful time available in our hands. It is very important for every person to understand that it is very-2 important to utilise our time very wisely and lost time can never be recovered back by any person. When we take right action at right time then we increase chances of right results many times. Mostly, people fail in this world because they fail in understanding importance of their time. By utilising our time properly, we can easily increase our productivity and thus we make our life more comfortable. Large numbers of difficulties enter in to our life because of our nature of wasting our time. People who work hard and do not waste their time succeed in utilising their time properly and emerge as true winner very soon. Any work need sincere and timely efforts from a person; otherwise, it very hard to complete any work. People also trust a person who

Wise investments

Today, people want to invest their hard earned money in a solution which can provide them good returns without putting their money in any risk. One of such investment is investment in gold. Gold provides a great investment solution in front of us and large numbers of people are getting advantage of this investment solution. People can buy gold bullion to invest in gold. Today, it is possible for people to buy gold from various online trusted websites which makes it easy for people to buy gold online else people can buy gold from conventional gold selling shops and banks. Gold is freely available for buying and large numbers of people regularly invest in gold to make good returns in future. Due to past good results, it is important to have gold in any investment portfolio.

Strange experience of being in Love

In life, I have gone through many attractions for various women and sometimes, I considered these attractions as love. It is very hard to define what love is and many times, we consider strong attractions as love. However, when you fall in true love you easily learn difference between love and strong attraction. Love comes in to our lives when we have least expectation of it being entering in to our lives. Love comes very slowly and slowly it takes control of your whole personality and turn us in to a different human being about which even we our self do not any idea. Love provides a great happiness and new hopes to us and suddenly dull life starts looking very romantic and full of happiness. Every time, you think about your lover and it is very hard to avoid thinking about him or her. Overall, it is a great experience to be in love and share our happiness with our lover.

Do not lose your present for your past

It is very easy to find millions of people in this world who lose their present for their past. It is very important for every person to understand that past is a lost game and we cannot do anything about it whereas present is new opportunity available in our hands. Unfortunately, many people fail in understanding opportunity of present available in their hands; therefore, they lose most of their valuable time worrying or remembering their past life. Due to this reason, past life also starts affecting their present life thus making it hard for them to enjoy their present life and present opportunities. Present is only reality in front of us and it is important to not waste any of present opportunities waiting for us; for example, we cannot lose our present relationships for our past relationships. Life is a rare opportunity available in our hands; therefore, it is very important to exploit this opportunity fully. Worrying about past or remembering past will not do any benefit to us but