Leaving past behind

It is very important for every person to leave his or her past behind and start fresh because many times our past experiences stops us from taking numbers of decisions in present. It is very easy to find large numbers of people in this world who remains affected with their past experiences. It is good to learn lessons from past life but it is totally wrong to allow our past to influence our present.

However, many times people have strong past memories that these memories always remain fresh in their minds and when these memories remain fresh in our mind then there remain good numbers of chances that we might compare our present experiences with past experiences. This situation causes lots of problems in the lives of people and they find it hard to generally come out of these issues. Many new relationships fail in this world because we start comparing them with our past experiences.

It is important for all of us to understand that every experience is a new experience and it is not right to compare it with old experiences. People who lean to not mix their past experiences with present experiences mostly leads a happy life while people who go on comparing their past with present ends up with many relationship problems.
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