Wife as Girlfriend and Friend

Though, I am not still married; however, I have seen lives of many married people and found it that husbands and wives lives like aliens in same home. Many times, husbands and wives do not have proper understanding levels and they fail in understanding each other’s point of views. Every husband can solve this problem to large extent if he starts treating his wife as his girlfriend and friend because in this way he can add lots of excitement to his married life.

Generally, husband and wife relationships become very complex because both starts expecting too much from other partner and that without sharing personal expectation with each other. We can easily share everything with our friend; therefore, we always look for a true friend in this world. Now if we succeed in getting a true friend in the form of wife then it becomes very easy to live happily together. Similarly, it is also important to treat wife as a girlfriend because in this way we can add lots of romance to any married life.

Good flavour of romance makes any marriage a successful and happy marriage under all conditions. Wives can also do same by become friend and girl friend of their husbands so that they husband can become more comfortable with them thus increasing understanding level between them.
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