Movie review Phoonk 2

There is one thing clear about film producer Ram Gopal Verma that he uses all marketing skills to market his films and he mostly succeeds in creating hype about his films. This time before the release of movie “Phoonk 2”, Ram Gopal run a good advertising campaign that “Phoonk 2” is best horror film ever made in Bollywood and heart patient should avoid watching this film. After watching this, I can only saw that Phoonk 1 was much better than Phoonk 2.

From any angle, Phoonk 2 hardly looks a very-2 horror rich film and even sometimes, it gives us feeling of a comedy movie. Actors Sudeep and Ahsaas Channa have played lead roles in this film and there acting is below average. Overall, there is nothing new in Phoonk 2 and film repeat age old tricks to make people feeling horrified. Ram Gopal Verma needs to learn some lessons from his foolish films that only good marketing strategy can never succeed in making a film super hit. I will only rate Phoonk 2 one point out of five points.
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