Importance of good friendship

It is very important in this world to have few good friends because we need few trustworthy people to share our feeling and get some advice from time to time. Good friends can help us by listening to our problems and by guiding us in difficult situations. It is not important to have so many friends but it is important to have few good friends because a single good friend is much better than many friends.

Mostly, people run for large numbers of friends and they forget to make good friends. When difficult situations come in our life then only our true and good friends come forward to help us; therefore, it becomes important to have true friends in life. We can easily make true friends in this world by first offering true friendship to others. It is not very hard to find few true and good friends in world and we can find them in relationship or location.

It does not matter that how friend looks like or he is a male or female; we can find our true friend in any shape. True friend is any person who can truly understand us plus respect us for what we are? It is also important to not loss our true friends for some unimportant people because all true friendships once lost hardly become alive again. Having true friends in life is a great bless and all people who have friends are very lucky.
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