No tax for IPL

Yesterday, I learned strange information through various news channels that IPL does not give any tax on its income because it considers itself as a charitable institute which is promoting sports in India. Though, we can say that IPL is helping game of cricket; however, it is also true that IPL is making huge money from tournaments; therefore, it becomes duty of IPL organisers to pay taxes properly to government. It is duty of every citizen of India and Indian organisations to pay their taxes properly so that this money can be used for the growth of our nation.

Now, if big profit earning organisations like IPL will not give their share of taxes then how we can expect proper growth of India. Mostly, ordinary people pay their taxes religiously without missing anything but many big originations do numbers of frauds for not giving taxes to government. We cannot expect this kind of behaviour from highly popular organisations like IPL, which has become a money making institute.

Main promoters of IPL has become very rich after the start of IPL tournaments and IPL earnings are only increasing tournament after tournament; therefore, it is not right for IPL promoters to steal taxes by taking shelter in loopholes. Presently, IT department is investigating this matter; though we can also ask this question that why IT department was sleeping for so long? Hopefully, this matter will be resolved soon by IT department and IPL will start giving its due taxes to government.

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