Waiting for Acceptance of others

In life, many people wait too much for getting acceptance from others and in this way; they miss lots of other opportunities in life. It is good to get acceptance from lots of people; however, sometimes we need not to wait too long for these acceptances. Life can be good without acceptance of many people and if some people do not want to give their acceptance to us then it is fine to go alone without their acceptance.

There is nothing wrong in doing some work in this direction and to get confidence of others. However, we cannot waste too much of time in this wait that whole world will accept us. Sometimes, people do not first accept what we are doing and why we are doing something but later when we become successful in it slowly everyone starts accepting our approach towards life. It is our life and we can move it in any direction.

Life becomes more enjoyable when we also get acceptance of people associated with us; however, sometimes, it is also fine to go alone without having acceptance of them. Life is too small and we cannot waste it in some wait. Moreover, first it is more important to accept ourselves for what we are then whole world will definitely starts accepting us.
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