Volcano eruption in Iceland

Presently, whole of world is partially affected by second huge volcanic eruption in Iceland within a month period. This volcanic eruption is so strong that it has forced large numbers of airlines to ground their flights leaving for Europe. Major effected part of Europe is North part of Europe. Volcanic eruption is so forceful that it has caused volcano debris to fly up to 30000 feet above in sky and this volcanic cloud is moving towards south direction, thus causing major threat for planes flying above North Europe.

Mostly, airlines planes also fly at this height thus increasing chances of volcano debris colliding with planes. Due to precaution, most of airlines have cancelled their flights to Europe causing major problem for thousands of travellers. As per some volcanic experts, this volcanic eruption can continue for one month; therefore, we cannot expect any immediate relief from this problem in near future.

Iceland is a small European island nation situated in North Atlantic Ocean just above England. Population of Iceland is slightly above 3 Lakh. Government of Iceland has evacuated around 1000 people from volcano affected areas. At present, whole world is hoping that soon volcanic eruption will stop and thus giving relief to millions of people.
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