Old age and pain of leaving everything

We may say whatever about old age but many times, it becomes very hard to easily live old age life. Mostly, old people are forced to leave their roots for living a neglected life somewhere else. Old people find neglected in present fast life and young generation gives very less importance to old people living around them. Therefore, old people live a life confined to a very small area and scope.

Sometimes, people also start believing old people as burden and neglect most of their needs. Generally, old people do not ask for much; however, due to generation gap we do not like their observations and thoughts. It is also important for old people to sometimes avoid too much interference into the lives of young ones. Young generation is also required to understand aspirations of old people and fulfill some of them. Money can provide a great security to old people and it is their only true friend in difficult situations.

Sometimes, old people give their all money to their kids and relatives but in return, they do not properly take care of them. Already numbers of old people in old age homes are increasing very fast across the world because large numbers of people are finding old people unnecessary in their homes. It is wrong to think in this manner because every person will become old one day. Second it is important to have good bank balance or constant earning source to live a good old age life.
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