IPL controversy

Nobody would have ever though that IPL will one day go through so many controversies. Today, IPL is under the scanner of many investigating agencies for cheating with cricket fans and various government departments. First people felt shocked when they heard that IPL is not giving any income tax despite making so much of money and they get second shock when they learned about Shashi Tharoor’s link in helping his friend for getting an IPL cricket team.

Now, there are also signs of match fixing in IPL which further decreases credibility of this game. Today, IPL has become very popular in India and lots of people love to watch IPL cricket matches; however, it looked that IPL is just another money making machine designed to cheat people . Now it has become very important to investigate all these issues properly so that people can learn about truth behind these allegations. It is not right on the part of esteemed organisations like BCCI to encourage such activities in cricket for making more money.

Though, IPL has helped cricket in strengthening its routes in India and many small town cricket players are getting good career opportunities; however, it is also simultaneously important to not encourage or do wrong practices behind it. Experiments like IPL are good but they should not cross all limits to become a problem for society. Hopefully, IPL issue will soon get a positive end and we will be able to enjoy IPL games again.

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