True love is very hard

Recently, I heard two examples of true love where people passed through very hard pain when they were separated from their true love. It is hard to believe that people can become mad when they will be separated from their love; however, many such examples are truly present in front of us where people have lost their control.

Generally, it is very hard to define what true love is and does it exist in this world or not? However, strangely few examples emerge in front of us where lover do extraordinary things for getting their love. When we see life of such people then we learn that it is very hard to live in true love. True love or love can force people to do numbers of strange things in life which generally, people do not do in their normal state. Though, true love is a hard game but it also makes us to feel strange emotion of love which we can not experience otherwise.

Emotion of love makes us to see and feel many strange feelings which make us a strong person emotionally. Despite hardness which we face in love, it provides a great happiness to us when enter a love relationship. It is not bad to enter a love relationship and not fear from its hardness but it is also important to not totally loss our mind’s control. Hardness is beauty of love and its greatness lies in it’s hard path.
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