Entry and Exit of Lalit Modi

In last few years, Lalit Modi emerged as a great and powerful figure in Indian cricket world that holds power to do anything. We can give full credit to Lalit Modi for making IPL a big success worldwide; however, he simultaneously used IPL for increasing his wealth and power which created lots of enemies for him. People in India are mad for cricket and with new formulas like IPL; Lalit Modi gave people new flavour of cricket which is full of more excitement and glamour. Therefore, people liked concept of IPL with both hands and converted it in to a big business success.

IPL formula becomes so successful that many big industries entered in to this venture by buying their own cricket teams. Today every big industrialist wants to have his own IPL cricket team because IPL teams are earning good amount of profits and publicity to them. Even many world sports federations want to copy concept of IPL for making their sports more successful and profitable. However, all this success did not worked well with Lalit Modi and he is shown way out of Indian cricket world.

Lalit Lodi is also wrong in his part for missing IPL funds and resources for his own benefits. Today, all these matters are under investigation and soon investigation agencies will file their detailed reports on all frauds and misuses done under the shadow of IPL tournaments. From the controversy related to Lalit Modi, we can learn that it is not right for any person to misuse powers available in his hands.

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