Exercise and Health

In present world, large numbers of people across the world are concerned about their health because today, spread of various diseases and disorders is on rise due to lack of physical activities. Most of the health problems can be easily avoided by the people if they give proper attention for fitness with proper exercise routine. People can easily find fitness equipment in market for doing most of exercise in the comfort of home and at their convenience. However, people need to take initiative by going for exercise related activities. Even people can opt for simple and anytime doable exercises. Today, we can easily learn number of such tips by watching various health related shows aired on various TV channels.

Analysis Rail Budget 2008

This year Rail Budget will be remembered for many years as a popular Rail budget due to large numbers of incentives offered to general public. This year Lalu Yadav, our respected Railway Minister presented a popular budget considering the fact of coming ten states and national elections. With this Rail budget, Lalu Yadav has given 5%, 3%, 4% and 7% cut in rail ticket prices of sleeper, AC III, AC II and AC I respectively.

Lalu Yadav also announced introduction of 10 new Garib Raths and 53 trains. For reducing the burden of rising petrol and diesel prices on people, Lalu Yadav also reduced the freight charges on diesel and petrol by 5%. There are also some other good incentives in this railway budget 2008 like introduction of 50% concession to people suffering from AIDS and free season tickets for girl students till graduation.

The major attraction of this Railway budget could be massive introduction of PPP (Public-private-partnership) which will help Railway in earning around extra 100000 crore rupees. Lalu Yadav also presented vision 2025, a document prepared to develop Indian Railways in next 17 years. Good news for the Railway passengers is that they will soon be able to use internet while travelling in super fast trains like Rajdhani. Railways will also increase the number of automatic tickets machines to more than double in near future.

In coming years, people will also be able to book rail tickets with the help of their mobile phones. Overall, this is a very attractive budget and we can hope that this budget will benefit the people of India. However, still Indian railways need lot of improvement in infrastructure and functioning as early as possible, then just decreasing train fares and increasing number of trains.

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80th Oscar awards 2008 results

Watch 81th Oscar Awards Live 22 Feb, 2009

Below are details of awards won by the various actors, films, people and professionals in different categories in 80th Oscar awards 2008. This year “No country for Old Man” remain the main attraction by winning 4 Oscar awards including best picture, best director, best supporting actor, best adapted screenplay.

Best Picture – “No country for Old Man”
Best Director-Joel Coen and Ethan Coen for film “No country for Old Man”
Best Actors-
Male- Daniel Day-Lewis (British) for film “There will be Blood”
Female- Marion Cotillard (French) for Film “ La Vin en Rose”
Best Supporting Actors-
Male- Javier Bardem for film “No country for Old Man”
Female – Tilda Swinton for film “Michael Clayton”
Best Art Direction- Dante Ferretti and Francesca Lo Schiavo for film “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street”
Best Original Song- Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova for film “Once”
Best Original Score- Dario Marianelli for film “Attonement”
Best Original Screenplay- Diablo Cody for film “Juno”
Best Adapted Screenplay- Joel and Ethan Coen for film “No country for Old Man”
Best Visual Effect- Film “Golden Compass”
Best Cinematography- to Robert Elswit for film “There will be Blood”
Best Animated Feature Film- Film “Ratatouille”
Best Costumes- Film “Elizabeth: The Golden Age”
Best Documentary (feature)- Film “Taxi to the Dark Side”
Best Costumes- Film “Elizabeth: The Golden Age”
Best Film Editing- “The Bourne Ultimatum”
Best Foreign Language Film- “The Counterfeiters”
Best Makeup- Film “La Vie en Rose”
Best Sound Mixing- Film “The Bourne Ultimatum”
Best Sound Editing- Film “The Bourne Ultimatum”
Honorary Award for best cinema career- Robert Boyle

Increasing trend of Sexual abuse of school going girls in India

Sometimes, it looks very hard to believe the stories flashed on the various TV channels about the sexual abuse of girls in schools. In recent few years, the numbers of such incidences have increased many times creating a doubt over the present education system in India. Most of the cases, these school going girls become the victim of their own teachers and school staffs, whom their parents trust most.

Some of these teachers always remain in the search of innocent and poor girls whom they can easily exploit on the name of education and exam marks. On the other hand, these girls do not know how to save themselves from these teachers because schools are believed as one of most secure places in world for students. According to one of the today’s news, a principle in the Delhi based school was sexually abusing girls of fourth and fifth standard.

This news clearly indicates the seriousness of this situation and how millions of school going girls are not safe in schools across India. In just last one year more than ten cases of sexual abuse of girl students are reported from across India and this number is on constant rise, however, our government is still not ready to accept this reality and making life safe for school going girls.

Today, we are living in a society where people are losing their moral values very fast; therefore, we are facing number of new threats which were unheard few years back. For solving this problem, we need awareness, increased safety and strict laws from parents, society and government.

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Book Review- “Simple ways to manage Stress” By Promod Sharma

Stress is one thing which is very common in present days and large population of world suffer from it. According to many studies it is established that Stress is mostly responsible for number of mental and physical disorders in people. Stress is present with human from the time of their evolution of mankind and with time level of stress has only increased due to life becoming faster. Best possible option of coping with stress is to learn to live with it.

This book by Promod Batra also offers many ways to understand stress and then effectively reducing its effect in our life. This book is based on the life experience of Promod Sharma, which covers his life in US, in India and his job experience. According to writer by following the points made in this book, we can easily reduce our stress by as high as 86%.

Though, there are few points with which some people may not agree but still there is lot more present in this book which can help readers in reducing their stress levels considerably. Most of the techniques written in this book are self derived by Sharma or learned during his life. This book really offers a good hope of reducing our stress levels considering by following the points shown in this book.

Overall, this is well written and presented book filled with cartoon examples. This book is more relevant to Indian readers than the foreign public because of Indian examples used in it. This book is costing Rs 200 in India and Think Inc. New Delhi.

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Anti Aging Products

Hardly, there will be any person in this world who would like to become old; however, we hardly have any solid solution for this problem then accepting this truth gracefully. Though from centuries, people around the world are using many different ways to look young like discovering herbs and remedies which make a person look young. In present world, we can easily find many such products and it is very easy to get an anti aging cream from market. Except creams and lotions, people also number of other ways like botox to look young. However, still many people do not have proper knowledge about the good products in this segment and products which are available in the market are very expensive. Recently, Dermu.com was in news for selling Emu oil and oil based cream which some experts believe are more effective than other expensive options like botox. Dremu.com offer number of skin care and anti aging products which people can easily buy from it online. They also offer 60% money back guarantee on all orders. Emu oil used in the products in refined as per the USDA and FDA guidelines and in pure form is known to penetrate deep in skin. Upon testing Emu oil has shown results in wrinkles, age spots, keloids, dry skins and number of other indication. Products are made of natural ingredients and free of any petrochemicals. People can try this product for anti aging if they feel satisfied with the product.


Rediff.com is undoubtedly one of the most popular website in India and around the world. Mostly, www.rediff.com is popular for simple but reliable email service which is serving people from many years. Presently, rediffmail is offering unlimited storage to mail users for storing anything in mails from photos, videos to important mails. Therefore, we can easily run our rediffmail account without deleting any single mail or photographs.

Email is really one of the most strong point of rediff, however, recently it has also established its identity in number of things like news, blogging, sharing videos, networking, shopping, classified, match making etc. One of most popular feature of rediff other than emailing is availability of top news as they happen. People can easily refer to rediff.com for most of the important news and details about them.

Rediff shopping is also becoming very popular among the online users with more people finding it helpful in buying number of items online from it. Rediff.com is also popular for blogging and it provide blogging platforms like rediffiland.com for blogging; already many users use this service to blog daily. Rediff also highlight its top blog on the front page thus generate huge follow of visitors to blog.

Rediff has also tried recently to tape the growing video share market by launching its own ishare, which is slowly gaining popularity among the online users. Rediff classifieds provide an option of reaching millions of right customers for your products, therefore many people and service provider use them. One more popular and service offered by rediff.com is connexions, which is social networking platform and help people in making social connections with other likeminded people in their field.

Rediff is also offering match making option with rediffmatchmaker.com, which is an extension of rediff for searching perfect matches. There are few other services and tools on rediff, which also have committed readers like stock live, question -answers etc. Overall, rediff.com offers a great package in front of people and therefore, there are lot of things which people can do with rediff.com.

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Option of Digital photo frames

Every person in this world has beautiful memories which he or she wants to retain for whole life. Therefore, we all try every option available with us to make these memories a constant reminder in our lives. After the discovery of photographic techniques, many people across the world started to convert their memories in to beautiful pictures which always remain fresh and remind us about the beautiful time spent by us.

Today, people have many options of capturing photographs available with them like mobile cameras, digital cameras, camcorders etc. Digital revolution has really helped people in capturing their memories for ever and one such more digital revolution is digital picture frame, which provide a unique option of displaying and storing our beautiful photographs digitally. Digital frames available in the price range of $100 to $300 offer a great option of displaying photographs.

People can also buy digit photo frames of different size from 7 inch to 15 inch as per the requirement and taste. One of the great options of buying digital photo frames online is digitalframez.com.au. On this website, people can easily buy photo frames of all available sizes at reasonable price. People can also reveal free gift options like 256 MB card.

Finding Real self (Bhagavad Gita Chapter 2)

According to Bhagavad Gita, it is very important for every person to see the difference between body and real self (soul, atman) because body exists only in present and it neither have any existence in past nor it will have any existence in future, whereas our real self exist in all three times i.e. past, present and future. Our body is on the constant decay path and it is decaying every minute, on the hand our real self remain same forever. However, most of the human never realise this true self and consider themselves as body only. Therefore, they associate themselves with all the body problems and become unhappy.

If, a person learns to detach himself from body and start believing him as part of universal force then many of his and world problems will not exist. Happiness, sadness, achievement, success, failure, greed, lust, ego etc all results because we consider ourselves as a body and think that we will remain in this world forever. However, our real self is always present in world and it is independent of time and worldly achievements or failures. Therefore, those people who discover their true self never indulge in the vicious circle of happiness and sadness, and they always remain in state of bless in any kind of situation.

Though, it is not easy for every individual to understand this difference and finally accept it because of our love for our body and world. However, we all need to understand the difference between real and unreal and understand that how we can be something which is decaying every second or changing its shape. We also need to get the support of faith and meditation for becoming one with our true self and finally with great universal power.

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More Shilpa Shetty Yoga Video

Whatever Shipla Shetty does always grapes the attention of people of India and world, this time also Shilpa is in new for her video yoga lesson. Already her yoga videos have become very popular in India and world. This is second series of her yoga videos and below people can find more video of Shilpa Shetty giving lessons of Yoga.





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IPL (Indian Premium League) teams

Get live Score IPL 2 visit-Live score IPL Season 2 (2009) South Africa

Below are team details of IPL after bidding. Now these IPL teams will somewhat look like this.

Delhi Team

1) Virender Sehwag (icon),
2) Shoaib Malik
3) Daniel Vettori
4) Shoaib Malik
5) Mohammad Asif
6) AB de Villiers
7) Dinesh Karthik
8) Farveez Maharoof
9) Tillakaratne Dilshan
10) Manoj Tiwary
11) Gautam Gambhir

Kolkata Team

1) Sourav Ganguly (icon)
2) Ricky Ponting
3) Brendon McCullum
4) Shoaib Akhtar
5) Chris Gayle
6) Ajit Agarkar
7) David Hussey

Hyderabad Team

1) VVS Laxman
2) Adam Gilchrist
3) Andrew Symonds
4) Herschelle Gibbs
5) Scott Styris
6) Rohit Sharma
7) Chamara Silva
8) Shahid Afridi

Mohali Team

1) Yuvraj Singh (icon)
2) Mahela Jayawardene
3) Kumar Sangakkara
4) Brett Lee
5) Sreesanth
6) Irfan Pathan

Bangalore Team

1) Rahul Dravid (icon)
2) Anil Kumble
3) Zaheer Khan
4) Mark Boucher
5) Cameron White
6) Wasim Jaffer
7) Jacques Kallis

Jaipur Team

1) Mohammad Kaif
2) Shane Warne
3) Graeme Smith
4) Younis Khan
5) Kamran Akmal
6) Yusuf Pathan

Chennai Teams

1) MS Dhoni
2) Matthew Hayden
3) Stephen Fleming
4) Parthiv Patel
5) Jacob Oram
6) Joginder Sharma
7) Albie Morkel
8) Suresh Raina
9) Muttiah Muralitharan

Mumbai Team

1) Sachin Tendulkar (icon)
2) Sanath Jayasuriya
3) Harbhajan Singh
4) Shaun Pollock
5) Robin Uthappa

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IPL (Indian Premium League) Bidding Update

Below are updates of IPL bids for Indian and International players. There are total 78 players for which bidding will take place.

1) Mohinder Singh Dhoni (Indian) bought by Chennai team for Rs 6 Crore (highest bid)
2) Andrew Symonds (Australia) bought by Mumbai for Rs 5.5 crore (second highest bid)
3) Jacques kallis (South African) bought by Bangaloru team for Rs 3.2 crore
4) Adam Gilchrist (Australia) bought by Hyderabad team for RS 2.8 crore
5) Shoaib Malik (Pakistan) bought by Delhi team for Rs 2 crore
6) Shane Warne (Australia) bought by Jaipur team for Rs 1.8 crore
7) Shahid Khan Afridi (Pakistan) bought by Hyderabad for Rs 2.5 crore
8) Yunus khan (Pakistan) bought by Jaipur team for Rs 90 Lakh
9) S Sreesanth (India) bought by Chandigarh/Mohali for Rs 2.5 crore
10) Mohd Asif (Pakistan) bought by Delhi for Rs 2.6 crore
11) Dinesh Kartik (India) bought by Delhi for Rs 2.1 crore
12) Parthiv Patel (India) bought by Chennai for Rs 1.3 crore
13) Harshal Gibbs bought by Hyderabad for Rs 2.5 crore
14) Mahela Jayawardene (Sri Lanka) bought by Chandigarh/Mohali for Rs 1.9 crore
15) Anil Kumble (India) bought by Bangaloru for Rs 2 crore
16) Kumar Sangakkara (Sri Lanka) bought by Chandigarh/Mohali for Rs 2.8 crore
17) Sanath Jayasuriya (Sri Lanka) bought by Mumbai for Rs 3.9 crore
18) Harbhajan singh (India) bought by Mumbai for Rs 3.4 crore
19) Zahir Khan (India) bought by Bangaloru for Rs 1.8 crore
20) Brett Lee (Australia) bought by Chandigarh/Mohali for RS 3.6 crore
21) Ricky Ponting (Australia) bought by Kolkata for Rs 1.6 croe
22) Matthew Hayden (Australia) bought by Chennai for Rs 1.5 crore
23) Brendon McCullum (New Zealand) bought by Kolkata for Rs 2.8 crore
24) Jacob Oram (New Zealand) bought by Chennai for Rs 2.7 crore
25) Muthiah Muralitharan (Sri Lanka) bought By Chennai for Rs 2.4 crore
26) Shoaib Akhtar (Pakistan) bought by Kolkata for Rs 1.8 crore
27) Ajit Agarkar (India) bought by Kolkata for Rs 1.4 crore
28) Joginder Sharma (India) bought by Chennai for RS 90 Lakh
29) Irfan Pathan (India) bought by Chandigarh/Mohali for Rs 3.7 crore
30) Shaun Pollack (South Africa) bought by Mumbai for Rs 2.2 crore
31) Yusuf Pathan (India) bought by Jaipur for Rs 1.9 crore
32) Cameron White (Australia) bought by Bangaloru for Rs 2 crore
33) VVS Lakshman (India) bought by Hyderabad for Rs 1.5 crore
34) Denial vettori (New Zealand) bought by Delhi for Rs 2.5 crore
35) Brendon McCullum (New Zealand) bought by Kolkata for Rs 2.8 crore
36) Stephen Fleming (New Zealand) bought by Chennai for Rs 1.4 crore
37) Graeme Smith (South Africa) bought by Jaipur for Rs 1 crore
38) Chris Gayle (West Indies) bought by Kolkata for Rs 3.2 crore
39) AB de Villiers (South Africa) bought by Delhi for Rs 1.2 crore
40) Mark Boucher (South Africa) bought by Bangaloru for Rs 1.8 crore
41) Kamran Akmal (Pakistan) bought by Jaipur for Rs 60 lakh
42) Albie Morkel (South Africa) bought by Chennai for Rs 2.7 crore
43) Scott Styris (New Zealand) bought by Hyderabad for Rs 70 lakh
44) Fervez Maharoof (Sri Lanka) bought by Delhi for Rs 90 Lakh
45) Tillakaratne Dilshan (Sri Lanka) bought by Delhi for Rs 90 lakh
46) Ishant Sharma (India) bought by Kolkata for Rs 3.8 crore
47) Mohammad Kaif (India) bought by Delhi for Rs 2.7 crore
49) Suresh Raina (India) bought by Chennai for Rs 2.6 crore
50) Robin Uthappa (India) bought by Mumbai for Rs 3.2 crore
51) Wasim Jaffer (India) bought by Bangaloru for Rs 60 Lakh
52) Rohit Sharma (India) bought by Hyderabad for Rs 3 crore
53) Chamara Silva (Sri Lanka) bought by Hyderabad for Rs 40 Lakh
53) Gautam Gambhir (India) bought by Delhi for Rs 2.9 crore
54) Manoj Tiwary (India) bought by Delhi for Rs 2.7 crore
55) David Hussey (Australia) bought by Kolkata for Rs 2.7 crore

No bidding for Glenn McGrath, Matthew Hayden , Justin Langer, Shivnarine Chanderpaul, Tatenda Taibu and Mohammad Yousuf. They go to reserve pool.

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Help in the form of Virtual assistants

Today, we all are living in a world where we have very heavy work load on our shoulders. Some time, these work pressure become so high that people find it difficult to do their whole work in required time frame. More responsibilities a person have less time he has for performing all these activities. One solution to this problem could be hiring news people for doing these jobs; however this arrangement can increase the cost of work many times. Now in this condition what is solution available in front of people and managers? The answer to this question is available in the form of virtual assistant to hire for excess work. Today, people can easily get a virtual assistant for doing their extra work and finally, making it easy for them to do other jobs. People can easily delegate number of jobs to their virtual assistants which are mostly qualified for doing number of jobs. Second, virtual assistant can cost many times less than hiring a regular employee.

Movie Review- Juno (Good film on Teenage Pregnancy)

Teenage pregnancy is threatening many teens around the world because cases of teenage pregnancy are increasing at alarming rate in most part of the world. Mostly, developed nations suffer more from this problem but this problem is also becoming common in reserved countries like India. Teenage pregnancy can cause many physical and emotional problems to the teen mothers and second, these kids from teen mothers mostly have no good future ahead.

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Therefore, it is very important to alert teens about this risk and encourage them to avoid sex, if they cannot avoid then to perform it safely by using different kind of contraceptives available in the market. “Juno” is also one such film made in 2007 which highlight the story of a teen girl “Juno”, who goes through teenage pregnancy. This is a good film with good message for teens and whole society.

This film is directed by Jason Reitman and it got three golden globe nominations for best picture, best actor and best screen play. Story of the film revolves around Juno and her suffering of teenage pregnancy and finding a new family for baby. It is very important for the teens to understand that how teenage pregnancy can spoil their life and this film also gives a same message.

This film also nicely shows the filling of a teen girl and her expectations from life. Acting wise all the characters are best in their categories with Ellen Page (Juno) giving best performance. This film also gives the message of facing world boldly in all difficult conditions. Overall, this is good entertaining film which is made with good attention.

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Choosing Right Tools

Tools always play a very important role in running an industrial units and it very important to have best tools for the unit for getting best and maximum output. There are many options of buying tools like festool are available in market, however, it is more important to consider a reliable source for buying tools because many time some seller do not provide after sale services which causes lot of inconvenience to the people and therefore cause huge losses. Second it is very important to check that which material seller is using for making these tools because if material is not good than these tools will not last long. If people can choose the right kinds of tools for their units then they can feel relieved for many years because good tools also last long.

Big defeat for President Musharraf

Present results of Pakistan national assembly have given clear indication about how people of Pakistan are not in the favour of Present President Musharraf’s policies and rule. Most of the time, Musharraf has defended his policies by terming them for the benefits of general public. However, in these elections PML (Q) party backed by Musharraf is only able to win just 38 seats out of 269 seats for which election held, which is a clear indication of people’s response towards his policies. Though, no single opposition party of Pakistan is able to win this election but definitely opposition parties of Pakistan have support of majority with them. Benazir Bhutto’s party Pakistan people’s party has emerged as the single largest party in Pakistan by winning 87 seats and PML (N) Nawaz Sharif’s party is in second position by winning 66 seats. Other opposition parties like Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) and Awami National Party (ANP) are able to get 19 and 10 seats respectively. Surprisingly, independent candidates have performed very well in this election by winning 27 seats. Therefore, now opposition parties of Pakistan have power in their hands to replace President Musharraf if they come together, because two third majority in National assembly is required to replace a President. Therefore, now uncertainty on the fate of Musharraf will further increase in future. With these elections people of Pakistan have clearly given their support for democracy in Pakistan and they want peace and progress to be spread in all parts of Pakistan.

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Easily send invitations

We all participate in number of get-togethers and many time, we also invite people to our function like marriages, birthdays, communions etc. This process remain in continuation for whole life, however, some time we all face difficulty in arranging few things like sending invitations. Today, it is more easy to send different invitation like communion invitations with the help of number of solution available. People can easily get the help of websites like thepartystartshere.com for sending invitations for different events. This website provides a great solution for sending invitation for all kinds of the parties and moreover, people can easily pick number of beautiful designs for their invitation cards. Therefore, people can easily really on this website for their all invitation related needs.

Final Election Result Pakistan National Assembly Feb 2008

Below people can find Final Election Results of Pakistan National Assembly Feb 2008 for which election held yesterday. In this election, Benazir Bhutto’s party has emerged as biggest party and Nawaz Sharif’s party is at second position. Overall no party seems to be getting majority in national assembly.

Total seats- 272
Voting held for – 269
Results Available- 262

PPP (Pakistan People’s Party) – 87
PML (N) (Nawaz Sharif’ party) – 67
PML (Q) (Pro Musharraf Party) – 39
MQM (Muttahida Qaumi Movement) – 19
ANP (Awami National Party) – 9
MMA - 6
PML F - 4
BNP (A) – 1
PPP (S)- 1
NPP- 2
Independent- 27

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Handling Rude Comments (Criticism)

Rude comments are something which we all can face at any time at any place, it hardly matter what job you are doing like you may be a clerk, accountant, writer, social worker and a housewife. Though, nobody likes to hear these comments but still we get them at certain points. Most of the time, these rude comments hurt our feelings and can make us sad. Therefore, it is very important for us to perfectly handle these comments for not allowing them to affect us. In present life and culture chances of getting rude comments are many more because there are many people in this world who feel jealous of others. Mostly, these people show their frustration by giving rude comments to the other person from whom they are feeling jealous and sometimes innocent people also become the victim of these comments for being in the wrong place at wrong time. It is not possible for any person to stop others from giving rude comments; we can only make changes in our mind conditioning to not get affected with these unwanted rude comments. Below are few points, by following which people can easily avoid rude comments from hurting them (may not fully but significantly).

1) It is better to prepare yourself for criticism even before other people criticize you with rude comments.
2) Always expect some kind of criticism for your work.
3) Try to sometime indulging in self criticism.
4) Feel sympathy for the person who is criticizing or giving rude comments because something is wrong with him emotionally.
5) Feel good on being criticized because you at least have something in you which many other do not have.
6) Remember this fact that majority of the criticisms emerge from Jealousy and there are some people jealous of your progress.
7) Try to learn from criticism scope of improvements.
8) Feel happy that people criticizing you are actually afraid of your increasing stature.
9) Remember criticism hurts the person himself more than whom he is criticizing.
10) Remember many people criticizing you may not actually know they are criticizing you.
11) Most of criticisms emerge from failures and frustrations; therefore there is no need to take them seriously.
12) Criticisms sometime help you in identifying your mistakes.
13) Some criticisms and rude comments which we get as after effects of our own criticisms and rude comments, therefore avoid giving rude comments to others.
14) Remember that nobody comes in to this world in perfect state and we only become perfect by making number of mistakes.

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Finding Used Cars

Everything You’ve Been Looking For There are so many choices out there when you're looking for a new car that it can be overwhelming at best. Oh, and nevermind driving around to all of the dealerships for the different makes…that alone can take days. That’s why I’ve got a solution for you. Check out the Missouri car dealer with all the makes and models and save yourself some driving. Conklin Fangman has a huge selection of new cars, and they’re a great provider of Missouri used cars as well. So whether you’re looking for new or used, Buick or Cadillac, you can be sure that Conklin Fangman can take care of you.

Movie Review- Mithya (2 out of 5)

I watched movie “Mithya” with lots of hopes of seeing a good humour and a fine story, however, in the end I felt slightly disappointed by seeing the way in which whole film is handled. The simplest reviews of this film could be like this “Film made in Hollywood style in Bollywood with wrong caste”. This film is directed by Rajat Kapoor known for films like Raghu Romeo and Mixed Double. This film is produced by famous Management Guru “Arindham Chaudhuri”. Only good performance in this film is coming from Ranvir Shorey, however, bad storyline has given him very less scope.

This film also has many big names of bollywood and TV industry like Naha Dhupia, Naseeruddin Shah, Saurabh Shulka etc. This film was promoted as a comedy movie through various commercials but after watching movie you fail to understand that it was a comedy, emotional or tragic movie. Though, film has some humour but it is not enough to carry the whole film. More or less this film looks to be made like TV serials where what director feels right show and what he feels wrong do not show irrespective of general logics. The main drawback of this film is that it is never able to provide a serious look, where most of the gangsters are behaving like comedians but failing to let people laugh also.

The meaning of Mithya is false, a lie or unreal and this film also look very unrealistic in approach a simple Mithya. Story of film revolves around the murder of Famous don VK (Ranvir Shorey) and planting a struggling star with same face in his place, which is the only story in this film because all else is just a mithya, imagination of director. This film can be liked by people who likes to remain more in unreal world than in reality and like TV shows. Overall, this movie is not worth watching in cinema Halls, people can easily wait for DVD or premium on TV.

Note- This review totally depends on the personal views of writer and it is not necessary that it will represent your or mass views.

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Making Organisation Competitive

Today, corporate world is becoming very competitive due to the increase in competition among the various organisations. Big corporate giants are required to pay special attention on even trivial matters for not losing money in future because a small mistake can easily create many troubles for the organisation. Many big organisations are using various corporate performance management techniques for letting their organisation remain competitive forever. Organisations can easily find lot of consultant help in this category for various big consultants and consulting companies. Already, most of the big companies across the world are either having such programs or they are going for one for remaining competitive in the market.

Movie Review- Sunday (Good Time Pass)

Finally, there is good news for Ajay Devgan in the form of recent release "Sunday", which is running well for last two weeks all over India and world. Earlier, January release of Ajay Devgan “Halla Bol” was not able to do any wonder expect spreading a good message. Main attraction of this film is its comedy which force people to laugh during regular intervals, therefore, it will be even right to put this film in the category of comedy films. With this film, Ajay Devgan has also shown to movie lovers that he can also do comedy well like action.

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When I am talking about the comedy then it will be unfair to not talk about Irrfan Khan and Arshad Warsi who have entertained people lot with their comedy scenes in this film. Other main attraction of the film is its story which looks slightly fresh and it also has good suspense which creates curiosity about what is going to happen next. This film also remind about the film "Golmaal” which was also directed by Rohit Shetty. Ayesha Takia has also given balanced performance.For story, people can read earlier article Pre-Release review- Movie Sunday.

This film is promoted as the combination of comedy, action and suspense and it also has good combination of all three with comedy having edge over others. This is really a film which people can enjoy with their family or friends and laugh for two and half hours forgetting their daily problems. Though, this film also has few weak points but they can be ignored when we see the full package of film. We can also compare this film with “Welcome” where “Sunday” has slight more edge over other.

Ponits- 2.5/5

Reviews of Indian/International Movies/Books

A New Look

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Sanjay Dutt-Manyata Marriage controversy

Sanjay Dutt stars look really in trouble because he is facing one problem after another. Hardly, few months have passed when he got some relief from Supreme Court for punishment given to him from the Tada court and a new trouble has emerged to threaten his 3rd marriage. Recently, Sanjay Dutt married his girl friend Manyata in Goa court and as per Hindu rituals.

First, Goa government stayed his marriage due to the use of false certificates arranged through corrupt means and second, a person called Miraj-ur-Rehman Shaikh has claimed that Manyata real name Shehnaaz Shaikh is his wife and they were husband wife as per the Muslim laws. According to him both married on 5th April, 2005 as per the Muslim law. He also admitted that they are not living together for long time; however, he has not given legally Talak to Manyata.

They also have a two and half year old son, who lives with Manyata’s mother in Hyderabad. Therefore, he has filled a case in Mumbai court against this marriage. He has also provided some photographs of his marriage with Manyata. Interestingly, Miraj-ur-Rehman Shaikh was also involved earlier in a case for threatening film personalities for ransom.

On the other hand, Goa government has also ordered further enquiry into this case which can create more problem to this couple. Moreover, there is also news in media that Manyata is pregnant. Sanjay Dutt’s life is always filled with roller coaster rides and mostly, he lands into troubles due to his own decisions. Time will tell exactly that what is stored for Sanjay Dutt and Manyata in future, till we can only hope that everything goes right for him.

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Visiting Rhodes city of Greece

Greece is the new travel destination of the world with large number of people from all over world getting attracted towards its beauty. In Greece, people can easily find many attractive places to visit which are not available in the other parts of the world. Though, there are many famous cities in Greece which people likes to visit but presently Rhodes is getting lot of visitors follow due to many things to watch here and due to its historical importance.

This island city is basically divided in two parts old and new city. Old part of the city has lot to offer as people can watch number of ancient building and art in this city. People who are looking for Rhodes accomodation can get the help many hotels in Rhodes which can accommodate people. People can easily hotels for stay as per their need and budget from the wide range of hotels in Rhodes. Due to regular visit of large number of tourists and visitors, we can easily find many good hotels in Rhodes.

Therefore, Rhodes hotels provide a complete solution of all staying needs here. By visiting, Rhodes city people can easily enjoy small lanes, castles, churches, towers and many more. Outside Rhodes people can easily find small villages and beach resorts. Rhodes city also provide many good options for present youth and youth can easily find many night clubs different parts of city. Overall, it is great experience for any person to visit this city and enjoy its beauty.

Power of prayers

Prayers exist in every religion and most of the people across the world use them when they feel need of communication with supreme power. Most of the people and religion believe that there is some supreme power in this world which controls our destiny and this power can also alter our life by improving it. However, no person in this world exactly knows about the way to interact with this power.

Different religions and saints have given some ways to interact with this supreme power but the most simple and most accepted way to reach god is prayer, which is used by all people across the world irrespective of their religions. There are many people who claim that their prayers are being replied back by God. To some extent this fact is also clear to every person and we from inside know that God listen to the prayers done with right intensions.

Prayer is a great way available in front of people to communicate with our creator. Though, it is not possible for any person to give any proof regarding the existence of God and power of prayers, however, prayers have many times helped number of people in troubles who asked for help from the supreme God. Moreover, prayers also provide a great option of reliving our tensions and become more relaxed person because with prayers we share our number of responsibilities with God also.

God also in return help people by giving them power to solve their problems. Prayers may be only providing a just physiological relief but to large extent they do work and help people. Now it only depends of us that how we get the advantage of power of prayers.

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About making a website

Today, we are living in a world which is totally attached with each other with the help of billions of websites. We can easily find number of websites in online world related to various categories and there is hardly any category on which we fail to find a website. Ecommerce is also finding many takers with more and more people across the world finding it easy to buy number of items online.

Overall, it depends upon the people how they use website because a website can be used for number of many activities. However, for making a website people are required to domain registration. There are many websites like paylessdomains.com.au available online which provide an opportunity to register cheap domain names. After getting a Doman name people are required to purchase domain hosting for their website.

Web Hosting solutions are also mostly available with the website which provide domain names. People can opt for the hosting plan as per their need and budgets. After getting domain name and hosting plan, it is time to construct a website. Website designing can be done by people themselves or they can get help of professionals for this purpose. Mostly, it again depends upon the need and expertise of a person.

Overall Top Articles on this Blog

Below are 24 posts which have attracted many visitors from the time of formation of this blog. Though, there are many other posts available in this blog which may be better than these posts, however, these posts are able to attract more attention. These posts are not in serial order because of non availability of any accurate data which is available from Oct 2007 onwards still most of these posts are visited by thousands of visitors in recent past and even crossed lakhs like “My first Love My Teacher”. Hope these articles will also entertain people in future too.

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24) About-www.reliancecommunications.co.in

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Shilpa Shetty Yoga Video

Today, Shilpa Shetty is not only a big Indian name but she is a known figure in whole world. Therefore, whatever Shilpa Shetty does always catches the attention of people around the world. Presently, Shipla Shetty is again in news for teaching people around the world Indian Yoga and for this purpose, she has released a video tutorial for learning Yoga. She was also present in recently held Baba Ramdev camp in Mumbai. Already, videos of Shilpa Shetty teaching yoga are very popular and below people can find one ten minute video of Shipa Shetty teaching people Yoga.

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When I accidently meet with Happiness

In the present world, one thing is very difficult to get and this is happiness. According to most of the eminent psychologists of this world, Happiness is the main motive of our all actions. In simple words, we are doing most of things in this world to get happiness in return. However, still we find around us that majority of the world is unhappy. It is not the case that only poor or people suffering from illnesses are unhappy in this world but many rich and healthy people are even much unhappy than the poor and ill.

Now, why so much unhappiness in world when most of the saints say that we can easily find happiness inside our heart and mind? Recently, I accidently discovered one answer to this question which may also provide help to others in finding happiness. Most of us are never able to differentiate between happiness and pleasure during our life and most of time misunderstood pleasure as happiness. Pleasure mostly results when sensual organs interact with some pleasure causing object like touching, smelling, seeing etc. We can easily get the example of pleasure by eating good food which results from our organs of taste, pleasure by seeing beautiful things which results from our eyes etc.

Therefore, our pleasure depends upon our sensual organs and exists for only small time until our sensual organs are in contact of pleasure causing object. Moreover, mostly pleasure start decreasing with time and we may not like same object after watching or sensing it number of times. Overall, a person never finds a perfect solution for getting pleasure constantly and therefore suffers in the end. Whereas, happiness in our internal phenomenon and we are not required to search it anywhere.

Happiness always remains inside us irrespective of our state, power or money. We are only required to see this happiness inside our body and dig it out to remain happy forever. People can get the help of prayers or meditation for getting habitual with state of happiness. People can easily find happiness by separating pleasure from happiness which is actual cause of our most of unhappiness in long run.

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Finding Expert IT Help

People around the world are getting the help of various tools of IT for making their lives simpler. Some of these tools include wireless networks, computers, broadband, home entertainment system etc. In simple words, we can say that IT is providing a great help to us by making our lives more simple and enjoyable.

However, many times we also face difficulty while installing these products or when they stop working. In most of these conditions, we require the help of expert professionals in this category for solving our problem. We can easily take the example of computer repair, it is not possible for most of people to repair their computers and they need expert help for this purpose. However, in the present world, it is not easy to find good help immediately; therefore, many people look here and there for getting best expert help.

Now, a good help exists for the people in the form of BT Home, where can easily all experts IT advice. People can easily get their help for installing a wireless network, computer repair, computer health check up or for other general needs. By booking for experts before 31 March, 2008, people can get discount of £30 on their orders.

About Raj Thackeray

Recently, Raj Thackeray gathered lot of media and public attention due to the stand taken by him and his party on the North Indians living in Mumbai and Maharashtra. During last week most of the news channels were only filled about details or stories related to Raj Thackeray and his party. This is for the first time when Raj Thackeray got so much publicity from media due to his anti-north Indian stand. Thanks to this controversy, Raj Thackeray is famous person not only in Maharashtra but in whole India. Though, most of people outside Maharashtra do not support his and his party activities but he is at least able to make a name for him. Despite this hype, there are many people who do not know Raj Thackeray and his back ground. Below are few details about Raj Thackeray.

1) Raj Thackeray is son of popular Shiv Sena leader Bal Thackeray’s younger brother late Shrikant Thackeray.
2) He was born in 14 June, 1968.
3) He started his political career with Shiv Sena.
4) Presently, he is heading his own constructed two year old party Maharashtra Navnirman Sena.
5) He is an arts graduate from Sir J.J.School of Arts, Mumbai.
6) He is also a cartoonist and creates cartoons for fun.
7) He name was involved in murder case but later CBI gave his clean chit.
8) He is a great follower of Bal Thackeray and was interested in heading Shiv Sena after him.
9) He also works on the similar lines of Shiv Sena.
10) Presently, his parties is not able to achieve any big success politically, in 2007 Mumbai Municipal Elections, his party only got 7 seats out of 226 seats.
11) He wants to become the CM of Maharashtra.
12) Presently, he is enjoying good support among the Maharashtrains.

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Video update of Sanjay Dutt-Manyata Marraiage

Video update of Sanjay Dutt-Manyata Marraiage
Find below video update on the famous wedding of Indian super star Sanjay Dutt and Manyata.

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About Centrro.com

In the present world, it is becoming more and more difficult for the people to manage their finances because people have many financial solutions available in front of them however they find it hard to select right kind of solution for them. Markets are really full with number of financial products from number of players and every player claims its products as best in the category. Therefore, it becomes very important for the person to choose the right product as per his needs.

However, finally major problem remains same that which product is right for you. Now, people looking for help in credit card and home loans segment can get the help of centrro.com, which is a website specially dedicated to provide help to people in this segment. People can easily Get a Credit Card with Centrro. It is very easy to choose a right credit card with this website. People are only required to fill a simple from and they can easily get the best quotes available according to their criteria and eligibility.

Otherwise, it is very difficult to choose a right credit card with best rates because people are required to search and compare many options for selecting one for them. Now, with the help of this website, people can easily avoid these hard activities. Similarly, people can also Get a Loan with Centrro for their home requirement. Centrro.com can really provide great help to people find the home loans at the lowest interest rates in their area. Today, every person in this world wants a home for his family and centrro can easily complete this dream by providing help in getting home loan.

Do Indians need passports to travel other states of India?

By watching the present controversy in Maharashtra related to Northern Indian migrants, it looks that these poor migrant need passport and work visa approved by MNS for working in Maharashtra because MNS workers are in more strong position than police. It is easier for the MNS workers to attack and beat innocent people than for police to save them. According to Indian constitution, this is wrong and every citizen of India is equal in its eyes, however, does MNS cares or know or respect constitution of India? Answer is No, rather they have their own constitution for dealing with people.

Maharashtra has always remained a very peace loving state of India and it has always accepted with open hands people from all India. The major reason behind people from other states coming to Maharashtra is huge opportunities available for them for earning which are not available in their own states. Mostly, these people come from poor and uneducated class and work in unorganized small sector jobs. These people are coming to Maharashtra from many past years and in future also, they will continue to come to Maharashtra and Mumbai because here they can find something which will not be available to them any other place. In nutshell, Maharashtra is not only feeding its own people but it also supporting many other people from different states.

Therefore, every Maharashtrian can feel proud on this great service to nation and people. While, there are few leader and people, which want to create tension on this issue for gaining popularity. Though, people of UP and Bihar are blamed in many other influential states for their increasing numbers, however, what we can expect from these uneducated poor people to do in case their own government fails them. In future, if these migration issues inside India remain similarly violent then time will not be far away when we may require passport and work visa to work in other states of India.

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How to make an attractive Orkut Profile?

Orkut is presently the most loved and trusted social networking website among the youth especially in Asian region. Therefore, large numbers of youth prefer to join this website for various social interactions like finding friends, dates, business associates etc. Overall, orkut provides a big resource of people who are interested in interacting with each other. At Orkut.com, we can easily find large number of people and thus we can interact with them which possibility is otherwise not available in ordinary life. Due to this reason use of orkut.com is only on rise among the youngsters with time. However, for getting better response rate in orkut from other people, it is very important to make an attractive but genuine looking profile. Now how to construct an attractive profile for Orkut? Though, there is no formula for 100% success but people can considerably make their profile look attractive to others by considering points told below.

1) First point is about basic feature- profile and creating a good profile. It is very important to fill your complete profile (May not all) details in social, professional and personal segment.
2) It is advisable to add real name and professional detail because they add to the credibility of person (however certain risks are always attached with it and girls may need more caution).
3) Write profile details specific to your interest on Orkut (like interested in friends, dating or professional help etc).
4) First add only known people and friends in your network and construct a strong social network with them before starting adding other people.
5) Do not start sending friend request to people from day one and with incomplete profile.
6) Regularly, update your profile with the new details for letting it look fresh and alive.
7) Participate in popular communities and become active contributor.
8) Look for people who share similar interests like you and it is beneficial for both to know each other.
9) Construct a good photo and video collection and share them with others.
10) Create link to your profile from other mediums like blogs, email signatures, forums etc.
11) Avoid spamming others and respect the sentiments of others.
12) Use security features for avoiding wrong people from seeing your details.
13) Do not provide your personal or financial details to anyone on orkut because there are large numbers of people on orkut which have only job of stealing details of others.
14) Do not meet alone with friends made on orkut. Meet them only in the presence of your parents or friends.
15) Do not try to search real life on Orkut.
16) Use Orkut safely and encourage others to do so.

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Saving on Long Distance call with Phone cards

Today, people can easily think of saving good amount of money on long distance calls, thanks to huge number of calling cards available in the market. It is very easy for any person or organisation to save up to 80% of money on the phone bills by choosing varieties of phone cards options. People can easy choose a calling card as per their need and requirement because there are many country and requirement specific cards available in the market. These phone cards provide a great help to the huge population of people living outside their countries or organisation doing business in different parts of the world. People can also get the advantage of websites like pinshark.com for selecting their calling cards. This website also offer number of exclusive deals and saving on buying calling cards from it like by spending $90 in single order, people can save $11 dollar. With this we can say that time has gone when people are required to pay huge telephone bills for remaining in contact with their family and customers.

Sanjay Manyata Marriage Update and Videos

Finally, Sanjay Dutt married to his long time girl friend Manyata (struggling actor) yesterday. This marriage took place at Snajay and Manyata’s joint friend house and it is performed according to Hindu rituals. Manyata is basically a Muslim girl and she is the third wife of Snajay Dutt. Snajay Dutt is 48 years old and Manyata is 27 years old. Rumours of their marriage were already in the media from last few months, after both started living together. This marriage is just a formality to give this relation an official name. However, this marriage of Snajay and Manyata also remained slightly controversial due to absence of both Dutt sisters, who were once main support available behind Sanjay Dutt. Priya Dutt, one of the sisters of Sanjay Dutt even showed ignorance about this marriage when asked by the media. All this only indicate increasing problem in dutt family related to acceptance of Manyata. Despite all the problems both new couple look very happy with this marriage and looking forward for new life. Sanjay and Manyata have even ordered for new house for avoiding any family problem. Presently, Manyata is playing very important role in the life of Sanjay Dutt by managing most of his career life. Now, we are required to wait for few more years to see that Manyata and Snajay love remain as such or Sanjay look for his fourth wife.

Sanjay Dutt And Manyata marriage Video-

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Beautiful Bathrooms

Beautiful Bathrooms is new mantra in which most of new generation people have believe and due to this reason, we are able to see many beautiful bathrooms constructed in new homes. Today, people are more open in spending money on their most private place in home. People can easily find many attractive Show house for their bathrooms like moen show house. Moen has presented many attractive designs available to choose from for the people. Markets are really full of many attractive options for the bathrooms and people are only required to select the item which fits in their budget and need.

Earlier, bathrooms were most neglected place in the homes and people mostly not spending money on them. However, this trend is changing very fast and more number of people is now opting for attractive bathrooms. Therefore, bathrooms are no less to any other part of the home. People can easily add many features to their bathrooms like kohler devonshire. Overall, people have great option of making their bathrooms look attractive available in front of them. Though, it is not necessary that people should spend very high amount of money on their bathrooms but people should look more for comfort level and need. Today, people can also find and buy most of the required items for their bathrooms online from the websites like designerplumbingoutlet.com, which is specialised in bathroom related products.

People can easily buy all the select items online like aberdeen faucets, kohler collections, moen collection etc from this online store. Moreover, people can also find number of free shipping options and discounts on various products at this web store. Therefore, considering about making a dream bathroom in near future can easily look for this website for their bathroom related solutions and make their bathrooms more attractive.

Sanjay Manyata Marriage reality

In recent few days, there were lots of rumours in the media about the Sanjay Dutt and his girl friend Manyata marriage. Manyata and Sanjay Dutt closeness increased very much during Sanjay Dutt was going in and out of jail. Manyata was one of the most reliable supports available for Sanjay Dutt during this tough time. After getting relief from the Supreme Court, many people were expecting that soon Manyata and Snajay Dutt will marry. However, both couple were denying this news for many months despite living together and attending most of the functions together.

Few days back, Manyata was seen in a photograph wearing Mangal Sutra. Yesterday, during a function Manyata admitted to media that she has married to a Hindu Boy and Dutt family is her own family. During this interview, her sindoor was also clearly visible. Most of the speculation of their marriage started after an advertisement in newspaper congratulating Shiv Sena supreme Bal Thackeray on his 82nd birthday by Dutt family, in this advertisement Manyata’s name appeared as Manyata Dutt. Therefore, now it is 99.9 % sure that both Sanjay and Manyata are married with each other. Moreover, we can also expect that we can hear some official news in this regard soon.

Video update--

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Making homes safe with Home insurance

Every person makes his home with proper care and dedication. Therefore, people want that their home should remain safe forever. Earlier, people do not have many options available in front of them for making their homes safe which are available to present generations. Today, people can easily opt for various home insurance plans available in the market for making their homes more safe and secure. Most of the major insurance companies are offering great deals on the home insurance plans, which can really makes it possible for people to increase the safety of their homes from various threats. Therefore, people can take the benefit of these plans for making their home more secure.

Aishwarya to get 6 crore for Robot

Today, there is hardly any doubt about the number position of Aishwaraya Rai among other Indian actresses. Aishwaraya Rai has clearly established herself as the most favourite Indian heroine for both Bollywood and Hollywood. There is hardly any other heroine in India which has similar Hollywood project like Aishwarya Rai. Now, Aishwarya is also set to make new record by becoming highest paid actress in Bollywood by asking for 6 crore rupees for working in famous film Robot.

This film will be directed by famous south Indian director Shankar. In this film Aishwarya is all set to work against superstar Rajinikanth. If completed, this film is going to be most expensive film in Bollywood with cost of production crossing as high as 100 crore rupees. Earlier, there were news of Aishwarya getting 1.5 crore rupees for this Movie but now as per the latest news Aishwarya has asked for 6 crore rupees for working in this film.

If Aishwarya got 6 core rupees for this film then she will not only become highest paid star in India but one of the highly paid female star in world also. Already, this film has attracted lot of people attention towards it even before starting and therefore, after completion we can hope to get a big block buster film.

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Usage of Pens

Pens have always played important role in writing and due to this reason, we can easily many varieties of pens in the market. Today, we can easily get pens in different ranges. There are number of cheap pens are available in the market where as on the other hand we can easily many expensive pens. Mostly, people use cheap pens for daily use and expensive pens are only restricted to few people only. However, in recent times pen market is also seeing my innovative products and people can easily find huge varieties of pens in the market. Moreover, people also have the option of buying pens from the various online stores.

Shahrukh Khan at Berlin Film Festival Update and Video

Shahrukh Khan is undoubtedly the number one star in India and now, this star is all set to become the top star of world also. People across the world got a chance to see the increasing popularity of Shahrukh Khan in Europe during Berlin Film Festival. Large number of Europe fans of Shahruhk Khan waited for the long time to see one glimpse of their super star. Most of these fans were mad to meet their super star and they were constantly shouting and carrying banners of Shahrukh Khan.

Most of the fans admitted that they like Shahrukh very much and want to watch more films from him. Berlin media also provided complete coverage to Shahrukh Khan’s Visit. Shahrukh Khan reached Berlin on Friday for the Premium of his block buster film “Om Shanti Om” in Berlin during Berlin Film Festival. There were large numbers of fans of Shahrukh Khan during this visit; those have come from other European nations. All this only show the increasing importance of Indian cinema and specially Shahrukh Khan in Europe.

During the times of Raj Kapoor also Indian cinema had some presence in the European markets but with time this influence decreased, however, in recent times, Indian cinema is again seeing come back in Europe and world. During the premium of his film Shahrukh Khan also showed his interest in making sequel of “DON” in Europe and story of the film will also revolve around the European nations, where Shahrukh khan will act as international don. By watching all this, we can easily predict that Shahrukh Khan will be next super star of the world soon.

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Booking Affordable Hotels in India

After visiting number of parts in India, I have discovered one truth that it is very important to book hotels or guest houses in advance for avoiding unnecessary problems. Today, we can easily book hotels in advance thanks to internet and online booking. Most of the big hotels in India are accessible online and we can easily book them as per our convenience. Moreover, by booking hotels online and in advance, people can also hope to get good discount on their bookings. Advance booking become even more important when we are visiting hill station, famous tourist place etc because sudden increase in the number of tourists can make it difficult to get hotel rooms.

This problem can become even more serious when we are travelling with our family and therefore can spoil our all holiday enjoyment. In most of the cases, people also have the option of cancelling hotel booking before certain days and it is also advisable to read all the rules and regulation before booking tickets for avoiding any problem. Below people can find hotel search box for finding hotels in most parts of India at affordable rates. This search is powered leading travel portal yatra.com. People can also find number of attractive deals and discounts by booking hotels with this search box.

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