Do Indians need passports to travel other states of India?

By watching the present controversy in Maharashtra related to Northern Indian migrants, it looks that these poor migrant need passport and work visa approved by MNS for working in Maharashtra because MNS workers are in more strong position than police. It is easier for the MNS workers to attack and beat innocent people than for police to save them. According to Indian constitution, this is wrong and every citizen of India is equal in its eyes, however, does MNS cares or know or respect constitution of India? Answer is No, rather they have their own constitution for dealing with people.

Maharashtra has always remained a very peace loving state of India and it has always accepted with open hands people from all India. The major reason behind people from other states coming to Maharashtra is huge opportunities available for them for earning which are not available in their own states. Mostly, these people come from poor and uneducated class and work in unorganized small sector jobs. These people are coming to Maharashtra from many past years and in future also, they will continue to come to Maharashtra and Mumbai because here they can find something which will not be available to them any other place. In nutshell, Maharashtra is not only feeding its own people but it also supporting many other people from different states.

Therefore, every Maharashtrian can feel proud on this great service to nation and people. While, there are few leader and people, which want to create tension on this issue for gaining popularity. Though, people of UP and Bihar are blamed in many other influential states for their increasing numbers, however, what we can expect from these uneducated poor people to do in case their own government fails them. In future, if these migration issues inside India remain similarly violent then time will not be far away when we may require passport and work visa to work in other states of India.

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