Sanjay Manyata Marriage Update and Videos

Finally, Sanjay Dutt married to his long time girl friend Manyata (struggling actor) yesterday. This marriage took place at Snajay and Manyata’s joint friend house and it is performed according to Hindu rituals. Manyata is basically a Muslim girl and she is the third wife of Snajay Dutt. Snajay Dutt is 48 years old and Manyata is 27 years old. Rumours of their marriage were already in the media from last few months, after both started living together. This marriage is just a formality to give this relation an official name. However, this marriage of Snajay and Manyata also remained slightly controversial due to absence of both Dutt sisters, who were once main support available behind Sanjay Dutt. Priya Dutt, one of the sisters of Sanjay Dutt even showed ignorance about this marriage when asked by the media. All this only indicate increasing problem in dutt family related to acceptance of Manyata. Despite all the problems both new couple look very happy with this marriage and looking forward for new life. Sanjay and Manyata have even ordered for new house for avoiding any family problem. Presently, Manyata is playing very important role in the life of Sanjay Dutt by managing most of his career life. Now, we are required to wait for few more years to see that Manyata and Snajay love remain as such or Sanjay look for his fourth wife.

Sanjay Dutt And Manyata marriage Video-

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