Shahrukh Khan at Berlin Film Festival Update and Video

Shahrukh Khan is undoubtedly the number one star in India and now, this star is all set to become the top star of world also. People across the world got a chance to see the increasing popularity of Shahrukh Khan in Europe during Berlin Film Festival. Large number of Europe fans of Shahruhk Khan waited for the long time to see one glimpse of their super star. Most of these fans were mad to meet their super star and they were constantly shouting and carrying banners of Shahrukh Khan.

Most of the fans admitted that they like Shahrukh very much and want to watch more films from him. Berlin media also provided complete coverage to Shahrukh Khan’s Visit. Shahrukh Khan reached Berlin on Friday for the Premium of his block buster film “Om Shanti Om” in Berlin during Berlin Film Festival. There were large numbers of fans of Shahrukh Khan during this visit; those have come from other European nations. All this only show the increasing importance of Indian cinema and specially Shahrukh Khan in Europe.

During the times of Raj Kapoor also Indian cinema had some presence in the European markets but with time this influence decreased, however, in recent times, Indian cinema is again seeing come back in Europe and world. During the premium of his film Shahrukh Khan also showed his interest in making sequel of “DON” in Europe and story of the film will also revolve around the European nations, where Shahrukh khan will act as international don. By watching all this, we can easily predict that Shahrukh Khan will be next super star of the world soon.

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