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Recently, Raj Thackeray gathered lot of media and public attention due to the stand taken by him and his party on the North Indians living in Mumbai and Maharashtra. During last week most of the news channels were only filled about details or stories related to Raj Thackeray and his party. This is for the first time when Raj Thackeray got so much publicity from media due to his anti-north Indian stand. Thanks to this controversy, Raj Thackeray is famous person not only in Maharashtra but in whole India. Though, most of people outside Maharashtra do not support his and his party activities but he is at least able to make a name for him. Despite this hype, there are many people who do not know Raj Thackeray and his back ground. Below are few details about Raj Thackeray.

1) Raj Thackeray is son of popular Shiv Sena leader Bal Thackeray’s younger brother late Shrikant Thackeray.
2) He was born in 14 June, 1968.
3) He started his political career with Shiv Sena.
4) Presently, he is heading his own constructed two year old party Maharashtra Navnirman Sena.
5) He is an arts graduate from Sir J.J.School of Arts, Mumbai.
6) He is also a cartoonist and creates cartoons for fun.
7) He name was involved in murder case but later CBI gave his clean chit.
8) He is a great follower of Bal Thackeray and was interested in heading Shiv Sena after him.
9) He also works on the similar lines of Shiv Sena.
10) Presently, his parties is not able to achieve any big success politically, in 2007 Mumbai Municipal Elections, his party only got 7 seats out of 226 seats.
11) He wants to become the CM of Maharashtra.
12) Presently, he is enjoying good support among the Maharashtrains.

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  1. MNS is Maharashtra Divide & Rule Party. ARE we slaves? He is god of Mumbai? Where is the LAW now? Who had given him the Right? Had Indian & Maharashtra Government closed his eyes? MNS chief Raj Thackeray is Antinationalist. Who will pay the Life & Property loss from him & his followers?
    "Idiots" were seen as having bad judgment in public and political matters

  2. @parvinder singh

    every party in india , has this policy , so who has given all of them this right. also i think u r also fooled by all the politicians , Raj saheb has already mentioned , react in any way u want to , the rest of the work of , getting u saved from the court is my duty , and yes tht is happening.

    also a few months back , sikhs have gone vandalising in mumbai , no one uttered a word , what was the law and order doing at tht time.

    now take the view of JK whts is happening there is just insane , and wht is the ruling govt , and the central govt , is doing for tht almost nothing.

    and if u really have a problem with Raj saheb,s work , suck on tht .

    and abt anti nationalist, u r totally wrong somewhere , cong wants to make a gunda , a CM , (shibu soren) tht too only to save the govt from falling.

    if u believe in congress so much , there is only 1 thing i wanna say u r being a ""IDIOT""

  3. Coming Soon My New Article of Mr. Raj Thackeray


  4. Mr. Parvinder, 17 Bhaiyyas were burnt alive in the North East & none of these UP< Bihar politicians spoke anything against this. But, now this does not concern Manipur, this concerns Moneypur ie., Mumbai where their politicl parties have vested interests.

    And mind you no life was lost in these attacks.

  5. hey mate get ur facts right!!!
    Ma.Shri Rajsaheb was born on 14 June nd not on 14 Jan!
    nd whatever Saheb is doing is 100% right some one has to step in this hypocratic political muck nd do a clean up job!
    look at 'Mujorpana' of these Bhaiyyas nd so called cosmopoliton people
    how dare they openly challange MARATHI MANUS in mumbai??

  6. i am really happy 2 know......that people r awekened n specially MARATHI MAANUS.
    raj saheb is man who knows his power very well.n he uses it 4 benefits of people..as other said it may be a political stunt,but it works well..raj saheb had done that work.,which NO POLITICIAN had done..he really stands for his name RAJ..thackeray.
    MARATHI MAANUS pls open ur eyes.whatever raj saheb is doing,is neccesary to remain MAHARASHTRA as MAHARASHTRA is....!
    parvinder ji change ur wrong thinkings about MNS.

  7. Hey you all the MARATHI MANOOSes. If you want to do something good to you, you yourself will have to do it, not anyone else. BTW he isnt doing anything for you, its for himself. I am really very ashamed to learn that all the so called literate people like you also support RAJ and hsi ways. His ways are anti-human and will only divide MAHARASHTRA. India is a place where all the castes and religions have their own specialities. Thats why everyone depends on everyone. Thats what India is about. But who in this country thinks of INDIA and HINDI language. Earlier the britishers did and now we ourselves are continuing "DIVIDE AND RULE".

    All of you suck big time.

  8. god save u raj fanatic marathi manooses

  9. All Bhaiyyas suck a lot actually

    why don't Bhaiyyas stay in their own states and do something for their states

    Mumbai is financial capital of India. We Marathi people and our soft attitude towards outsiders is the main reason for such tremendous industrial growth. But bhaiyyas has crossed lines so now we won't be soft anymore. Pune is next example. U bhaiyaas have ever thought that why industries come to Mumbai and Pune and not to Bihar?
    Crime is a custom in Bihar now ..I need not talk much about that state.
    Unfortunately, our ruling party leaders for past few years had been very quiet about increasing crime, baggers, bhiyya population in Mumbai. Infrastructure is provided by OUR govt and not Bihar or UP or even Central Govt.
    Raj has done right thing by raising this issue. Young Marathi generation was waiting for this for last few years.

  10. also it took a long , since, Raj thackeray and narayan rane left, shiv sena, if they have been in shiv sena, this wud have been done a lot before. This is a outcry and not violence as stated by the media, all ppl who came in support of the public were common people, and not registered members of MNS , since, only 20k have registered , but ppl tht turned around, total in bandra and kalyan, is about 60-80k , so there no fault of Raj saheb, if the common ppl are thinking this way, u cant supress a pulic out cry.

    Also if u are talking about integration, the plz , show integrationb to ur own state first, it has been 60 yrs, but until now, the ministers in the northern states, haven't developed their respective states.
    Mumbai , was not developed in a day , boss, if the mimisters want, a city like mumbai can be created, in all the 29 states, so tht there is no over crowding, in one city.

    also every time, media speaks about Raj thackeray buying the 421 crore kohinoor mills , i just wanna say , tht , if lalu can do a scam in fooder case, he is clean , also he owns, more than 30k acres of land, still he is clean. Wht shit is this, how cud u think in such a way, and why the railway, ministry is delaying in the inquiry , for not giving information to the state(maharashtra ) where there were 3000 vacancy.

    india never felt there was need to beef up security , until the recent blast,

    also take one thing straight, this all was and outcry or outburst and not goondagiri as termed by all the idiotic, media reporters.

    so one thing i wanna tell u is that, if u have a dictionary, plz do check out , the difference between, outcry and voilence

    yes , shivaji maharaj, wanted good for his ppl , and he thought only abt, his motherland, ie maharashtra, as Raj saheb is doing

    but i want u to answer a simple question, wht happened in orrissa , i mean wht RSS did , was wrong, then why was not L.K.Advani was arrested by the govt., today , both , the shiv sena and the mns where kicking out students from the railway exam, then why only Raj saheb, is cornered out, why was not Udhav thackeray arrested,

    when shabhuddin(RJD party), party members open fires in bihar, why is not lalu prasad yadav is taken in to custody.
    the one common point is that, all that has done was voilence , but none of them has been arresrted , nor any party has been banned, the y is everyone singling out MNS.

    Also no one has a right to accuse maharashtra of dividing, cause, the revenue, maharashtra gives is 50,000 crores, every year, and due to this fund, entire india runs, so we are providing national integration. and as always the accusitions are totally baseless

    also the registered no. of mns supporters is say about 40,000 but more than that , ppl came out in support of Raj saheb, when hi was at bandra court and kalyan, this means that, all ppl from the marathi commmunity are feeling that, wht Raj saheb is doing is right, and he should be supported. and hence, there was a very huge gherav of ppl, at bith places.

    i will give u a example , if someone slaps u continuously for 4 to 5 times, u wud surely hit back, this means u will not wait for the police and let them take action, here to protect urself, u take action, or in other words, u take lwas in ur own hand, this is termed as outcry or outburst, and not goonda gardi

  11. hey young marathi maanoos yes get awakened... but in the right manner.. to fight against crime not to join them... i m proud to be marathi...
    dont make us feel ashame for that mr. thackray..
    we live in a cosmopolitan country so learn to stay united... pls dont break the unity n sow the poisonus seeds of casteism in the hearts of young generation... its a request from a mumbaikar..
    aamchi maati aahe.. aamchech maanse.. kasala hey sagle fasad karaiche..

  12. Listen friends the only pride that we should share is being Indian, Marathi, kannad, tamil or any damn pride will divide this whole nation. Mr. Raj Thackray if you are so much paranoid about your Marathi pride and if you have guts then create a nationwide agitation to liberate Maharashtra from rest of India. The same happened in punjab a few decade ago and see what happened.
    Friends he is just minding his political business.... such violence and murders can never be justified. We chear for an indian team which is having a captain from Ranchi(Jharkhand) and players like Sachin Tendulkar from mumbai.... its the unity which is making us proud of our team. The politics of divide and rule has divided India take the example of British rule India if facing the kashmir issue and issues like terrorism because of division of india. try to think out of Marathi manoos and be a responsible and mature citizen of INDIA.

  13. Anonymous4:20 PM

    This is to draw the attention of all, about the unfortunate plight of eight railway coolies based at Byculla Railway Station, whose jobs remain UNCONFIRMED....

    One of them has been working at the Byculla Railway Station for close to 18 (eighteen) long years but still has not procured a Licence or a Badge; hence, remains an Unfortunate UNLICENCED Railway COOLIE.

    The remaining 7 (seven) UNLICENCED COOLIES have been based at the Byculla Railway Station since 10 to 15 years.

    As per Railway rules, it takes a maximum of five (5) years to procure a Licence or a Badge and become a LICENCED COOLIE.

    Reams of letters to Lalu and relevant Railway authorities as also to various connected government authorities, have drawn a big fat ZERO regarding this issue.

    It is time to sit up and take action to stir up the placid
    railway soup to exposed their various misdeeds, including the one cited above.

    Hope this message reaches Raj Thackeray to whom the said railway coolies have asked to pass on this message and help them procure their Licenced Badges.

    Unlicenced Railway Coolie Farooque may be contacted at Platform No. 4 of the Byculla Railway Station for more clarifications, etcetera; by those who want to and CAN HELP these hapless UNLICENCED RAILWAY COOLIES become permanent employees of the Railways.

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