Power of prayers

Prayers exist in every religion and most of the people across the world use them when they feel need of communication with supreme power. Most of the people and religion believe that there is some supreme power in this world which controls our destiny and this power can also alter our life by improving it. However, no person in this world exactly knows about the way to interact with this power.

Different religions and saints have given some ways to interact with this supreme power but the most simple and most accepted way to reach god is prayer, which is used by all people across the world irrespective of their religions. There are many people who claim that their prayers are being replied back by God. To some extent this fact is also clear to every person and we from inside know that God listen to the prayers done with right intensions.

Prayer is a great way available in front of people to communicate with our creator. Though, it is not possible for any person to give any proof regarding the existence of God and power of prayers, however, prayers have many times helped number of people in troubles who asked for help from the supreme God. Moreover, prayers also provide a great option of reliving our tensions and become more relaxed person because with prayers we share our number of responsibilities with God also.

God also in return help people by giving them power to solve their problems. Prayers may be only providing a just physiological relief but to large extent they do work and help people. Now it only depends of us that how we get the advantage of power of prayers.

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