Movie Review- Mithya (2 out of 5)

I watched movie “Mithya” with lots of hopes of seeing a good humour and a fine story, however, in the end I felt slightly disappointed by seeing the way in which whole film is handled. The simplest reviews of this film could be like this “Film made in Hollywood style in Bollywood with wrong caste”. This film is directed by Rajat Kapoor known for films like Raghu Romeo and Mixed Double. This film is produced by famous Management Guru “Arindham Chaudhuri”. Only good performance in this film is coming from Ranvir Shorey, however, bad storyline has given him very less scope.

This film also has many big names of bollywood and TV industry like Naha Dhupia, Naseeruddin Shah, Saurabh Shulka etc. This film was promoted as a comedy movie through various commercials but after watching movie you fail to understand that it was a comedy, emotional or tragic movie. Though, film has some humour but it is not enough to carry the whole film. More or less this film looks to be made like TV serials where what director feels right show and what he feels wrong do not show irrespective of general logics. The main drawback of this film is that it is never able to provide a serious look, where most of the gangsters are behaving like comedians but failing to let people laugh also.

The meaning of Mithya is false, a lie or unreal and this film also look very unrealistic in approach a simple Mithya. Story of film revolves around the murder of Famous don VK (Ranvir Shorey) and planting a struggling star with same face in his place, which is the only story in this film because all else is just a mithya, imagination of director. This film can be liked by people who likes to remain more in unreal world than in reality and like TV shows. Overall, this movie is not worth watching in cinema Halls, people can easily wait for DVD or premium on TV.

Note- This review totally depends on the personal views of writer and it is not necessary that it will represent your or mass views.

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