Finding Real self (Bhagavad Gita Chapter 2)

According to Bhagavad Gita, it is very important for every person to see the difference between body and real self (soul, atman) because body exists only in present and it neither have any existence in past nor it will have any existence in future, whereas our real self exist in all three times i.e. past, present and future. Our body is on the constant decay path and it is decaying every minute, on the hand our real self remain same forever. However, most of the human never realise this true self and consider themselves as body only. Therefore, they associate themselves with all the body problems and become unhappy.

If, a person learns to detach himself from body and start believing him as part of universal force then many of his and world problems will not exist. Happiness, sadness, achievement, success, failure, greed, lust, ego etc all results because we consider ourselves as a body and think that we will remain in this world forever. However, our real self is always present in world and it is independent of time and worldly achievements or failures. Therefore, those people who discover their true self never indulge in the vicious circle of happiness and sadness, and they always remain in state of bless in any kind of situation.

Though, it is not easy for every individual to understand this difference and finally accept it because of our love for our body and world. However, we all need to understand the difference between real and unreal and understand that how we can be something which is decaying every second or changing its shape. We also need to get the support of faith and meditation for becoming one with our true self and finally with great universal power.

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