Movie Review- Sunday (Good Time Pass)

Finally, there is good news for Ajay Devgan in the form of recent release "Sunday", which is running well for last two weeks all over India and world. Earlier, January release of Ajay Devgan “Halla Bol” was not able to do any wonder expect spreading a good message. Main attraction of this film is its comedy which force people to laugh during regular intervals, therefore, it will be even right to put this film in the category of comedy films. With this film, Ajay Devgan has also shown to movie lovers that he can also do comedy well like action.

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When I am talking about the comedy then it will be unfair to not talk about Irrfan Khan and Arshad Warsi who have entertained people lot with their comedy scenes in this film. Other main attraction of the film is its story which looks slightly fresh and it also has good suspense which creates curiosity about what is going to happen next. This film also remind about the film "Golmaal” which was also directed by Rohit Shetty. Ayesha Takia has also given balanced performance.For story, people can read earlier article Pre-Release review- Movie Sunday.

This film is promoted as the combination of comedy, action and suspense and it also has good combination of all three with comedy having edge over others. This is really a film which people can enjoy with their family or friends and laugh for two and half hours forgetting their daily problems. Though, this film also has few weak points but they can be ignored when we see the full package of film. We can also compare this film with “Welcome” where “Sunday” has slight more edge over other.

Ponits- 2.5/5

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