Movie Review- Juno (Good film on Teenage Pregnancy)

Teenage pregnancy is threatening many teens around the world because cases of teenage pregnancy are increasing at alarming rate in most part of the world. Mostly, developed nations suffer more from this problem but this problem is also becoming common in reserved countries like India. Teenage pregnancy can cause many physical and emotional problems to the teen mothers and second, these kids from teen mothers mostly have no good future ahead.

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Therefore, it is very important to alert teens about this risk and encourage them to avoid sex, if they cannot avoid then to perform it safely by using different kind of contraceptives available in the market. “Juno” is also one such film made in 2007 which highlight the story of a teen girl “Juno”, who goes through teenage pregnancy. This is a good film with good message for teens and whole society.

This film is directed by Jason Reitman and it got three golden globe nominations for best picture, best actor and best screen play. Story of the film revolves around Juno and her suffering of teenage pregnancy and finding a new family for baby. It is very important for the teens to understand that how teenage pregnancy can spoil their life and this film also gives a same message.

This film also nicely shows the filling of a teen girl and her expectations from life. Acting wise all the characters are best in their categories with Ellen Page (Juno) giving best performance. This film also gives the message of facing world boldly in all difficult conditions. Overall, this is good entertaining film which is made with good attention.

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