Sanjay Manyata Marriage reality

In recent few days, there were lots of rumours in the media about the Sanjay Dutt and his girl friend Manyata marriage. Manyata and Sanjay Dutt closeness increased very much during Sanjay Dutt was going in and out of jail. Manyata was one of the most reliable supports available for Sanjay Dutt during this tough time. After getting relief from the Supreme Court, many people were expecting that soon Manyata and Snajay Dutt will marry. However, both couple were denying this news for many months despite living together and attending most of the functions together.

Few days back, Manyata was seen in a photograph wearing Mangal Sutra. Yesterday, during a function Manyata admitted to media that she has married to a Hindu Boy and Dutt family is her own family. During this interview, her sindoor was also clearly visible. Most of the speculation of their marriage started after an advertisement in newspaper congratulating Shiv Sena supreme Bal Thackeray on his 82nd birthday by Dutt family, in this advertisement Manyata’s name appeared as Manyata Dutt. Therefore, now it is 99.9 % sure that both Sanjay and Manyata are married with each other. Moreover, we can also expect that we can hear some official news in this regard soon.

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