Book Review- “Simple ways to manage Stress” By Promod Sharma

Stress is one thing which is very common in present days and large population of world suffer from it. According to many studies it is established that Stress is mostly responsible for number of mental and physical disorders in people. Stress is present with human from the time of their evolution of mankind and with time level of stress has only increased due to life becoming faster. Best possible option of coping with stress is to learn to live with it.

This book by Promod Batra also offers many ways to understand stress and then effectively reducing its effect in our life. This book is based on the life experience of Promod Sharma, which covers his life in US, in India and his job experience. According to writer by following the points made in this book, we can easily reduce our stress by as high as 86%.

Though, there are few points with which some people may not agree but still there is lot more present in this book which can help readers in reducing their stress levels considerably. Most of the techniques written in this book are self derived by Sharma or learned during his life. This book really offers a good hope of reducing our stress levels considering by following the points shown in this book.

Overall, this is well written and presented book filled with cartoon examples. This book is more relevant to Indian readers than the foreign public because of Indian examples used in it. This book is costing Rs 200 in India and Think Inc. New Delhi.

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