Big defeat for President Musharraf

Present results of Pakistan national assembly have given clear indication about how people of Pakistan are not in the favour of Present President Musharraf’s policies and rule. Most of the time, Musharraf has defended his policies by terming them for the benefits of general public. However, in these elections PML (Q) party backed by Musharraf is only able to win just 38 seats out of 269 seats for which election held, which is a clear indication of people’s response towards his policies. Though, no single opposition party of Pakistan is able to win this election but definitely opposition parties of Pakistan have support of majority with them. Benazir Bhutto’s party Pakistan people’s party has emerged as the single largest party in Pakistan by winning 87 seats and PML (N) Nawaz Sharif’s party is in second position by winning 66 seats. Other opposition parties like Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) and Awami National Party (ANP) are able to get 19 and 10 seats respectively. Surprisingly, independent candidates have performed very well in this election by winning 27 seats. Therefore, now opposition parties of Pakistan have power in their hands to replace President Musharraf if they come together, because two third majority in National assembly is required to replace a President. Therefore, now uncertainty on the fate of Musharraf will further increase in future. With these elections people of Pakistan have clearly given their support for democracy in Pakistan and they want peace and progress to be spread in all parts of Pakistan.

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