is undoubtedly one of the most popular website in India and around the world. Mostly, is popular for simple but reliable email service which is serving people from many years. Presently, rediffmail is offering unlimited storage to mail users for storing anything in mails from photos, videos to important mails. Therefore, we can easily run our rediffmail account without deleting any single mail or photographs.

Email is really one of the most strong point of rediff, however, recently it has also established its identity in number of things like news, blogging, sharing videos, networking, shopping, classified, match making etc. One of most popular feature of rediff other than emailing is availability of top news as they happen. People can easily refer to for most of the important news and details about them.

Rediff shopping is also becoming very popular among the online users with more people finding it helpful in buying number of items online from it. is also popular for blogging and it provide blogging platforms like for blogging; already many users use this service to blog daily. Rediff also highlight its top blog on the front page thus generate huge follow of visitors to blog.

Rediff has also tried recently to tape the growing video share market by launching its own ishare, which is slowly gaining popularity among the online users. Rediff classifieds provide an option of reaching millions of right customers for your products, therefore many people and service provider use them. One more popular and service offered by is connexions, which is social networking platform and help people in making social connections with other likeminded people in their field.

Rediff is also offering match making option with, which is an extension of rediff for searching perfect matches. There are few other services and tools on rediff, which also have committed readers like stock live, question -answers etc. Overall, offers a great package in front of people and therefore, there are lot of things which people can do with

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