What we need to know about Calcium?

Some interesting facts about the calcium which we all need to know.

1) In every person daily requirement of calcium depends on the age and gender.
2) Need of calcium intake increases with age in person.
3) Calcium plays a very important role in making our bones and teeth strong.
4) Calcium is highest found mineral in our body.
5) 99% calcium of our body is present in bones and teeth.
6) Calcium stored in our bones need regular top up because it is used every day in our muscles, heart, blood and also in the repair of bones.
7) Deficiency of the calcium in our body leads to diseases like osteoporosis.
8) Vitamin D is also required for the smooth absorption of the calcium.
9) Calcium carbonate and Calcium citrate are most commonly used calcium supplements in the present world.
10) It is best to take calcium carbonate immediately after the meal; however calcium citrate can be taken any time.
11) Element calcium is the actual amount of calcium in the supplement that will be available for body.
12) One should not take more than 2500 mg element calcium in a single day.
13) Regular calcium takers must drink plenty of fluid (water) for avoiding risk of kidney stones.

Recommended Daily intake for Calcium and Vitamin D

Age (years)Calcium (mg)Vitamin D (IU)

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