Love story of John Abraham and Bipasha Basu again in Lime light

Few months back, we all heard one story in various forms of media about the John Abraham and Bipasha Basu separation. This news basically emerged after the controversial kiss of Bipasha and famous football star footballer Cristiano Ronaldo during a party held after the announcement ceremony of Seven Wonders of the World in Portugal. Bipasha attended this ceremony as a host and being favourite football star of the Portugal, Ronaldo was also present in the celebration.

This party provided both the starts a chance to come near to each other and have few personal movements. However, this kiss created lot of controversy back in India and mostly it was believed that now there is nothing left in John and Bipasha relationship. Now with time most of the people and John have forgotten about the kiss and therefore, love story of John and Bipasha is again in lime light.

Some people believe reunion of both the star as only option available for them because Ronaldo and Bipasha story failed to take off and John also not seems have any other option available. Moreover, career compulsion could be the other reason behind this reunion because John Abraham and Bipasha Basu starrer “Goal” is soon going to release. Therefore, no one of them will like that their relationship controversies should affect the film prospects.

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