Indian supremacy in twenty20 cricket

Just one month back, people got a chance to enjoy the exciting game of cricket in new 20-20 format. Moreover, this enjoyment increased many times when Indian cricket team won the twenty20 world cup. Team of young cricketer lead by captain M S Dhoni made many Indian cricket fans happy by brining first 20-20 cricket world cup to India. In twenty20 games, Indian team showed great performance by winning games against number of tough teams of world. Twenty20 world cup win also opened hopes in the minds of the people about the good performance by Indian cricket team in all the others forms of the cricket, however in just after 20-20 world cup held India-Australia ODI series, India lost series to Australia by 4-2, thus creating new doubts over ability of the Indian team. However, the good news for the Indian cricket fans came in the forms of India-Australia 20-20 match held on 20th October, after the completion of ODI series, in which young cricket team once again showed to the world that they are the real heroes of the 20-20 format and it is very hard for any team (even Australia) to win over India in this format. India comfortably achieved the 167 runs target set by the Australian team in just 18.1 overs.

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  1. i agree that Indian cricket team have improved alot. But, they even need to improve in the 50 over cricket. The doubts were cleared when they won the Indian Oil Cup against Pakistan. I think if Indian team works hard then nobody on the earth can stop them to defeat the World Champions(Kangaroos)in the next World Cup, a cricket of 50 overs.

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