Australia winning world cup 2007

Australia has really shown a great game in this cricket world cup. They have not only won the world cup but also have shown great performance in this world cup from the day one. Australia did not lose a single match in this world cup which is really a great performance by any angle. Among all the 16 teams lined up to win the world cup, Australia was the only real worthy of winning the tournament. Australia was balanced in all the angles whether it is batting, bowling or fielding, they were perfect in all the things. Therefore Australia’s win in this world cup was almost certain and we can say that Australia is the true winner of the world cup.

My Dog

I love my pet dog, which is now 15 years old and has become very old. His is suffering from the problems in his back legs and some times find it very difficult to move and stand. It is very painful for me see him in this situation because my dog has grown in my hands from a small one moth puppy to a big dog. Being of premium breed big dog, my dog has always attracted the attention of every one. He has always remained the favorite of the children due to his calm nature. Even in his this age, he holds a good look. Old age is really a very difficult time and how in this stages a person or animal fight with his dieing body. I love my dog very much and want many more such years for him but I also now this fact, thing will not change with my wish. When his time will come then I will not be able to do any thing. However still I have made an unspoken relation of love with him which will grow even if he is not in this world. Pets really play a very important role in our life and I will be always thankful to my dog for making my life so wonderful.

Role of beauty in women life

Beauty and women have just become synonymous to each other because women have become the second name of the beauty. Now this thing has some advantages to the women and lot of disadvantages to them. The major problem comes in the life of the women who are not very beauty. Most of the time average looking women have suffer in the various and do various compromises in their life. This mad rush for the beauty gives lots of importance to the beautiful women and very less importance to the other less beautiful women. Less beautiful women have to suffer in the lot of places like in marriage, career, and society. Most of the people know these facts but there are less people who are able to put a right example.

Money attracts everyone

Money really has strange attraction in it in the present world. We can easily find lot of people running behind it to get more and more money in their life. It is very difficult to find a person in this world who is not interested in money. Even many of our relations have just become the show of the money. Why so much attraction for money? The answers are mostly known to every one. The more money we have mostly more respect we get in the world. The more money we have more comfort we can bring for ourselves. The more money we have more we can control our life. The more we have the less we are required to work for the others. These are some of the reason which motivates me and you in running behind the money.

Increasing Brand image of Bachan Family

Finally the marriage of the Abhishek Bachan and Aishwarya Rai is over and now as husband and wife both has become a shadow of the other partner. Now on, it will be very difficult for us to consider them separately. All this is what advertising agencies feel, according to one of the media estimates this couple has become a worth $ 500 million brand. Bachan family already has a good share in the advertising world, as both Amitab Bachan and Abhishek Bachan are coming in lot of Advertisements. Amitab Bachan can be found on the small TV promoting any thing from hair oil to tooth paste.

Now as one more big name of Aishwarya has joined their family, therefore we all can hope that share of bachan family in the advertising industry will increase even further. Second due to much excitement about the wedding, many advertisers are interested in taking them both in their ads. Also many film producers want to cast this couple in their films. However due to their already busy and full schedule, it is very difficult to see this happening in near future. Still, one thing is clear from all these news that Bachan family has definitely increased its brand image considerably with this marriage.

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India become $ 1 trillion economy

There is good news for all the Indians that today India achieved one more milestone by becoming a $1 trillion economy. India is the 12th nation of the world to achieve this glory. All this has become possible only due to the strengthening value of the rupee in the world market. This is really a great achievement for country like India which has poor background in the past. Second this achievement also shows that we as a nation are growing and we hold a good stand in the world. United states top this group with more than $ 13 trillion economy. China holds a forth position with $ 2.5 trillion. More information about this topic people can found by visiting this link The other amazing news as per this articles is that net wealth of 20 million strong non resident Indians is over $ 1 trillion which is more than economy of the whole nation. However still this is a good and commendable achievement for the country like Indian and we all could hope to see many more such news in the future.

Videos of Abhishek and Aishwarya Marriage

Find below few of the videos of Abhishek and Aishwarya Marriage on You tube.

Aishwarya and Abhishek video of Tirupati Visit

Marriage video 1

Marriage video 2

Marriage Video 3

Marriage Controversy video

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Upload videos India

Indian is seeing a big movement in the field of internet. With the increasing number of the Indian online users more and more sites are coming up to entertain them. Some sites are good enough to entertain while others do not have anything special. Today I am sharing with you a new site which provides a people great opportunity to watch Bollywood Videos. The name of this site is The other major advantage with this site is that now Indians can easily upload their video on this site. Uploading videos on this site is very easy and system of uploading is same like Youtube. Moreover there are many good prizes available for the best video up loaders on this site, like most popular video will get a free iPod.

Fulfilling the Dream of the others

In our life most of the times we remain concentrate on our own dreams and happiness. In these whole considerations, we rarely get time to think about others. Now the question of fulfilling the dreams of the other remains very away from us. However very less of us know this fact that there is great pleasure in fulfilling the dreams of the dreams. There is great satisfaction in seeing others happy and enjoy happiness provided by us. People, who can think in this way, require having deep thinking of creating happiness of the others. Life is a small journey and we all can create more happiness and pleasure in it by providing same happiness to the others.

Australia a good contender for world cup 2007

Australia reached the semifinals of the cricket world cup with out losing a single match. This is really a very impressive show of performance by the Australia. All this shows only one thing that Australian team has great commitment towards the cricket. Therefore now it becomes more realistic for us to believe that Australia can win this world cup. Hardly there is any team in this world cup which ahs potential to stop the winning race of Australia. More or less things look more one sided as Australia is winning games one after other.

Find new new career opportunities

Most of the unskilled find it very difficult to earn good money because there are not many good quality jobs available for them. However now thanks to the many short term courses available, these people can easily update their skills and find good jobs for themselves. There are many short term diploma or certificate courses available in the market which provides a good employment opportunity to the people. Some of these available courses are auto mechanic, diesel mechanic, motorcycle mechanic, welding and HVAC Training. Like this there are many other courses today available for the people to earn a good earning. Most of these skills are highly required in the present world and therefore a good and stable earning potential exists for the people in the form of them. Most of the courses are run by the local colleges and university and it is very easy to register with them for nominal fee.

Rest to Sachin and Saurav

There is some sad news for the fans of the Sachin Tendulkar and Saurav Ganguly that their favorite star will not play in the next up coming series. Sachin and Saurav, both leading players of the Indian cricket team are today shown the way out by the selector. Many people are asking this question that this decision is right or wrong. Though, the board has said that they are letting them out because of giving rest to the players before the upcoming big series. However most of the people are clear that board has shown them way out of the team because of their faulty performance in recent times. Let’s we all need to watch for more time to see them again coming back on the ground.

Final round of the most crucial marriage of this year

Today Abhishek and Aishwarya are going to become permanently for each other. Most of the TV channels are showing few clipping of the marriage and of the guests coming for the marriage. Also today people are able to find some of the glimpse of the Abhishek and Aishwarya Marriage. Most of the TV channels in India showed video coverage of Abhishek Bachan seating on the horse back. Good news is that Abhishek is dancing in these clips; from this we can infer that Abhishek Bachan is really excited about his marriage.

Therefore most of the people are happy that they got some thing to see. Most of the TV channels aired these videos as live. Thousands of the people are also standing on the gates and roads to see the marriage of their favorite stars. Really there is a great craze for this marriage among the people. However we are not able to find anything about the Aishwarya Rai, as no clip or video about the Aishwarya Rai is available.

Moreover as per the news Amitab Bachan has spent lot of money to get famous things from various parts of the India. Also there are speculations that this marriage will be performed with more than one ritual. Exact things about the marriage, we can only know after the worldwide release of the Abhishek and Aishwarya marriage video, till then only wait and listen and see whatever is available to you.

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Making feet more attractive

Yesterday when I was moving through the market then I felt very bad by seeing a beggar with feet. This beggar was just finding very hard to cross the road from place to the other. Then I released this fact that how lucky we are and how unlucky this beggar is. However, still there are many of us who do not care for their feet well. Feet care is very simple and any one can easily care for them by simple efforts. First we are required to clean them regularly for avoiding any kind of the infection emerging in our feet due to dirt. Second we require finest footwear, flip flops for providing proper care for feet from the hard surface. People can easily find lot of the Custom Flip Flops, through this link. They can even design their own sleepers or footwear with the help of this site. Lots of designs of the footwear are available for the people to choose from for their hotels, restaurants spas and vacation resorts etc.

Abhishek and Aishwarya Marriage a big commercial success

Finally as we all are aware that much hyped marriage of the Abhishek and Aishwarya has started yesterday. Fans of the both around India and abroad are trying to get as much information about the marriage as they can get. People are watching TV news, listening radios, reading news papers or browsing net for getting any new news related to this whole episode. Abhishek and Aishwarya marriage is providing a good business to many channels, websites, and newspaper. Therefore every media who has good coverage about this marriage is going to earn good money.

Second both Aishwarya and Abhishek will be going to earn a big fortune for them. The earning form their marriage will be in rough estimates 3 to 5 times more then the amount they earn through single money. Exact figure is difficult to provide with out any concrete announcement and this figure may increase with more craze for the marriage. Also due to the stickiness of the income tax, we may never know the exact figures of money earned by the couple. Therefore in simple words, we can say that marriage is going to make both Abhishek and Aishwarya richer. This money could be enough for the Abhishek and Aishwarya to bring up their children well.

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Finally Abhishek and Aishwarya Marriage begins

Finally the most happening marriage of the Indian stars Abhishek Bachan and Aishwarya Rai have finally started with lot of hype. Yesterday there was Lady sangeet which was attending by many famous stars and friends of the both Abhishek and Aishwarya. However as this marriage is restricted to very less special guest and official rights of the marriage being sold, no proper knowledge is available about the marriage.

Still people are hopeful of getting some news about the marriage. Fans of the both Abhishek and Aishwarya are lining up on the gates of the bachan’s and aishwarya Rai’s house for getting the glimpse of their favorite star. Not only the people living in the Mumbai are excited about this marriage but the fans around India are trying to get any information related to the marriage. Lot of the newspapers, TV and Radio channels are providing whatsoever update they have with them.

In simple words we can say this is the most happening marriage of the year which has attracted the attention of so many people. Today and tomorrow, the main functions of the marriage will happen. Aishwarya will leave to the Abhishek house on 21 i.e. vidayee of Aishwarya will happen on this day. Most of the news tells that marriage is going to happen with the Rai’s family traditions. Hopefully, we will learn everything about the marriage when everything about the marriage will be officially out.

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Vacation relief

Good vacations could be a good mantra this summer for avoiding the heat of the sun. Sun has really started a making life tough for the people. Yesterday night rain in the many northern parts of the India has provided some relief to the people. However from today onward heat has again starting rising up. As the mercury will go up in the area, we can hope more people running towards the hills or other destination which provide a relief and enjoyment to them. One good option of booking good quality vacation tours worldwide exists with United Vacation Network. This company provides a great service of providing best vacation tours for the people around the world. They have a highly trained staff to perform this work, therefore can hope a best deal from them.

Success of Indian private entertainment channels

We all must remember the time when we have only one channel to watch that is Doordarshan, a government controlled TV channel. At that time, we have no choice what to watch what is aired on the channel. Though there are many good programs presented on this channel but most of time we have less choice. The thing, we can say variety was missing.

Then approximately 15 years back, when the private channels entered Indian skies though CNN, Star Plus and Zee TV. After this, whole story is present in front of us. Today we have more three channels in the different Indian languages and about 100 channels are waiting launch. This realty tells the story how Indian audience has adapted this change. With the decreasing price of making a TV channels and lot of easy help available for the people, more and more people are entering into this venture.

In the next few years, we can find it more difficult to decide which channel to watch. Today we have channel in every segment like music, entertainment, adventure, sport, comedy, regional and many other. Now we can say that Indian is entering in to a world of the TV channels where people have lot and lot of variety to watch.

Radio Mirchi in Jallandhar

Private FM radios have already got a big success in the entire major metros of India. Already there are more then ten FM channels in the Indian national capital Delhi. The advantage of so many FM channels is that people get a lot of variety of the music with out worrying about the selection of the music. FM radio listeners in the belt of Jallandhar also have same demand from past. Though, two government FM radio channels of Jallandhar and Chandigarh Akash Vani are already airing programs in this area. However people have very limited choice and most of the programs are related with various topics and very less music is played through them. However, now Radio Mirchi, already hit private FM channel, has just joined the Jallandhar circle too. Radio Mirchi, Jallandar, has started broadcasting its programs to the people of Jallandhar. More, the people of the Hoshiarpur, Ludhiana and some parts of the Himachal will also be get benefited with this channel. Like all India, this FM channel is available on the frequency 98.3. So non stop, good sound quality music has reached Jallandhar. Enjoy and listen.

Next generation shopping search engine

We all are aware of this simple fact that life on the internet without search engines is not easy. Internet is a big sea and we will be lost in it, if we do not sail in it with the help of the search engines. Some of the search engines like Google, Yahoo etc, we are already aware of. However, very less people know about this next generation shopping search engine Twenga shopping search engine. Presently this search engine is available for the people of France, UK, Spain and Italy. Launched in 2006, this shopping search has already got a great love from the people. This search engine uses a special proprietary crawl technology which collects best offers for the people from the various merchants. Therefore people are not required to move from one place to other or do hundred of searches for getting best deal for them.

This search engine provides many deals and offers in the categories of the Photo, Audio-video, Computers, video gaming, household appliances, Homewares, furniture, supplies, Gardening, Family, health fitness,Sports and many more categories. This site really provides a great experience of shopping with easy shopping. With this site people can easily get the best deals by just putting the product name in the search engine. Many people who have used this search engine tell that this site provides a great shopping experience as they get the best deals without doing much effort. Shopping is a important part of our life and no one is this world can avoid this, therefore this next generation shopping search engine is a great break through for every person.

Extraordinary Beauty of Aishwarya Rai

Aishwarya holds a different reputation for her in India as compared to the other heroines of India. Most of the people in India have great respect and admiration for here. Aishwarya Rai is only successful heroine who is known for beauty and acting. She is not only beautiful women but also a good actress too. She has given many good films to the Indian and international film industry. She first makes every Indian proud by winning the Miss world in 1994 and then after here continuous success in the film industry is making us happy.

Aishwarya holds an extraordinary beauty which is possessed rarely by the women. Here we can ask one question that is it the beauty of the Aishwarya Rai or her talent which has created so much name for her. About her beauty, hardly there will any person who will have doubt this fact. Now the only question remains about her acting. When Aishwarya initially entered in the Industry then it was clearly her beauty and not her talent which make her road in to the industry.

However with her constant efforts Aishwarya has forced us to believe that she is also a good actor. Today many success stories are in her name. Her great and stunning performance in Dhoom-2, Devdas has left very less doubts on her acting talent. Today she has got the title of a good actress, good dancer and finally a good human being. Today Aishwarya Rai has created a place for herself which is not solely dependent on her beauty.

Aishwarya Rai has given a new recognition to the Indian actress and shown to the world that they also have lot to offering. Her world recognitions are clear from her wax statue in London's Madame Tussaud's wax museum, she is only first and only Indian actress to have achieved this glory. More she has also participated in many other international programs in the position of jury or as a special guest. At the end, we can easily say this thing that she is an extraordinary beautiful extraordinary actor.

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Help in Canadian Mortgage poblems

One thing in this world is clear that managing finances is not an easy task. Many people around the world found themselves in the clutches of these problems. Some times situation becomes even worse that people even opt for things like suicide in the situation where they find it very difficult to manage their finances. More these kind of the situations are same around the world and more or less we all suffer from these problems from time to time. However we all can avoid these kinds of the problems by opting for things which help us in managing our finances well. Today there are good services available for the help of the people like Canadian Mortgage Brokers which provide people with every kind of the helping these kind of the situations. This site is made with keeping mind the financial problems faced by the people of the Canada.

They are real expert in the finance world which can provide help of the multiple issues like if you want a No Down Payment Mortgage then they can how you the way of getting it. They have solution with them for every problem faced by the people of the Canada. People who are facing financial problem like mortgage problems can visit their website for finding help. There are already question answered with the problem. Moreover they can also help you in Buying A House With $0 Down. These are some real time helps which can really help to the people in avoiding financial worries.

Never and never postpone

There is one thing which is common in most of the human beings that we all are lazy by our nature and due to this laziness we postpone my important things to the future. These important things can be anything like important work, important decision, important change or any other important thing. The other thing which we face when we postpone things is that we get in to the habit of postponing and postponing thing again and again.

Sometimes due to this habitual postponing lives of the individuals even come to total stand still. In simple words we can say that growth of the individual stops because in familiar situations individual is not required to learn any thing new. Where as other people who take the timely decisions and accept the new challenging grow more both in wealth and in mental level. Other major disadvantage of the postponement is that we some time miss very important opportunities in our life, which if taken may have created a big change in our life.

Third when we postpone things again and again pile up so large work for us that it become impossible for us to complete this work on time. We all are required to lean a simple lesson in life that postponing things is not a good habit and by postponing things for the future we are only increasing problems for ourselves in the future. However the good news is that anyone can break this habit anytime by starting taking timely decisions.

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I can because I can

These words represent a great realty in themselves. Most of the people who become successful in this world are the people who believe that “they can”. Mostly the limits between the different people are set with their perception about what they can achieve. Some people believe that they can not perform a certain task, however on the other hand there are people who believe they can change things which are never tried before by anyone.

This is a great reality and big truth. Today most of the big shot guns which we see in the present world are those people who have created their huge their wealth from the rubble. These people are today on the top because they always believed this simple principle that “they can”. In our life, we are the only authority who can make or break our life.

Other people only come and go or may slightly influence us. “I can” has great positive energy stored in it and with constant believe on this concept we all can easily make our life full of living energy. Excellence is the birth right of every human being however no one comes in this world as perfect individual. We all learn these arts here and now.

Those people who learn them and second are also able to implement them easily raise their lives to the new heights. “I can” is one of the big concept and by putting this concept in our life, we can easily make our life more fulfilling and rewarding, not only for us but also for the people associated with us like our family, friends, organizations, nation and finally whole world.

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"Provoked" failed to Provoke us

Provoked is one of the most talked about movie in the recent past because it is made on a true story and second it highlights the condition of the Indian women. This movie present in front of us real story of Kiranjit Ahluwalia, who suffered number of injustices from her husband. Her suffering becomes so high that they provoke her to kill her husband. This story tries to tell the real story behind the picture that why a mother of two children killed her husband after 10 years of the marriage. Originally this movie was made in English with lead performance by the Aishwarya Rai as the victim Kiranjit Ahluwalia.

Rent Movies online in your City

Shot in England, this movie is also now available in Hindi dubbed version, many of the violent and sexual scenes have been deleted from this movie for the shake of India audience. Now comes the main question that Provoke is really able to tell a story or tell a story which provoke us then answer is no. Though film is good and provides a good watch but still a punch is missing in this movie. This movie looks more as justification then as providing real information.

Many questions in this movie remain unanswered as why it is so? Does violence can make a women to attack her husband and burned him alive in sleep? Second a good point about the murder was that she intentionally put caustic soda in the petrol to make it more damaging, therefore we can not say that it is unplanned murder because a simple women is required to study for learning this concept. There are many critical points which also remained unanswered in the film. Overall direction of the movie is also faulty and it looks more as one sided story which believes and force her innocent and innocent from beginning and end. Aishwarya’s acting is also not very convincing as her faces does not totally reflects the pain many time.

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Easily get projectors on Rent

I still remember one of my meetings in California when I need to present important data to my clients on the projector. However as was in the align country for tour only there it is not possible to purchase my own projector for this meeting. Then one of my friend told me about the video projector rental option from the, a site which specializes in giving video projectors on the rent. They also provide FedEx delivery and return of projectors in any part of the US. This site provides a great option of renting projector for people who can not afford to buy them. This whole process is simple, first order the projector, second use them and third return it to the main owner.

Tribute to Saint Sri Maskeenji

Today if any person wants to understand Gurbani in depth then Late Gurbani Scholar Maskeenji provides a way. Though Maskeenji is not present in this world today but still people can listen to him through his video/audio cassettes and CDs. In the market there are many Maskeenji’s insightful collections available which people can bought and makes their life more enlightened with the wisdom of Gurbani.

Today most of the religions which we see are not available in front of us in the pure form and with the passage of the time many misinterpretations of the words, dialogues and stories have happened. All these things have made it very difficult for us to understand and take our religions as they are? Sikh religion is one of the greatest religions ever present on the earth. Gurbani from the Sri Guru Granth Sahib provides a great wisdom in front of us which can help us in awakening our dead souls.

However for the ordinary people it is not possible to understand the facts of Gurbani by just reading it because for most of the people it is not possible to rightly interpret the real meaning of the words. For this purpose, we require bless of an enlightened and wise person who can help us in understanding these points which are above our normal thinking. Here comes the role of Saints like Maskinji, who put his whole life in the service of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib and Gurbani.

Maskeeji’s disclosers provide a great light on many of the facts. It is easy to understand his saying because he put forward things in front of us in scientific way and also his saying are full of many real examples. In the present world, where many of us are finding it is difficult to cope up with their life, religion and values, can find the disclosers of the Maskinji very helpful.

This article is not some kind of the marketing propaganda because Maskeen ji already holds a great popularity among all Guru Lovers and his cassettes and CDs sell like hot cakes in the market. I only want to tell people that all his disclosers are real bless and can help us in coming more near to the real purpose of our life.

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Easily solution for Buying Electonic products

We all face the same problem of difficulty in finding the right electronic products. Some of the products like adaptors, fiber optics, firewire cables and HDMI Switch etc are not easy to find. We move from market to market in the search of these products and mostly we came back empty hands. Now good solution of buying all these electronic products exists in the form of People can easily search here many of the latest electronic products like HDMI Switch. This HDMI switch supports 480p/720p/1080i/1080p has resolution up to 1920x1200 at 60Hz and is HDCP compliant. This device also comes with IR remote control, push button and LED display etc. This switch include Includes 9vDC 500mA power adaptor. People can check all the features of this product by pressing above link. With the help of this site people can now be sue about the good quality electronic products.

Decorating Homes

Every person in this world wants to decorate his home as much as he can and therefore we all look for many items in the market which can help us in making our homes look more beautiful. One of great option of decorating the windows of our home exists in the form of window blinds. Window blinds are gaining lot of popularity around the world for the great look provided by them to our windows. Today window blinds are available in the different designs and shapes and therefore have the option of choosing the window blind which suits them well. One of the great sites of purchasing window blinds exists in the form of This site specializes in selling window blinds, people can easily find here different kind of the window blinds like Roller Blinds, Roman Blind Kits, Roman Blinds, Vertical Blinds and Wooden Blinds etc. Moreover this site also deals in curtains, cushions and bedding's.

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People can find above an interestind Youtube Ad about my blog. So enjoy blogging.

Chain SMS and mails

There are many examples of the chain SMS and mails come in front of us every day. Even many times, we our self are the part of these chain messages. Most of the people follow this chain because of some fear or for some greed. We all know about the Microsoft mail which guaranteed people to pay money for forwarding this mail to many other peoples. Many people followed this blind mail game due to their greed and this mail become one of the most circulated mail on the net.

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Other kind of the mail and SMS are fear oriented which says that we will be punished by respective GOD or devil, if we do not forward these mails or SMS. In ordinary world, no one wants to take risks; therefore we all go on forwarding these mails and SMS again and again. These mails and SMS are specially designed by the people, who know the human weaknesses. Second these incidences also show that we do not have trust on our self or simply a lack of confidence over our self.

Most of the people do not consider about the cause of these mails and SMS and only forward them to put evil away from us. These things also present many pictures of the human and how we are still governed the fear, greed and religious values. We do not consider this fact that by forwarding these kinds of the mail and SMS that we are only encouraging these kinds of the activities to gain further strength. We all can only hope that in near future more and more people will avoid forwarding these kinds of the mails and SMS.

Enhancing Personal Experience with Youtube

Life is a great journey and it brings with itself many beautiful moments for us. We all want that these beautiful memories always remain with us for throughout of our life. Now Youtube provides a great source in front of all of us, not only in storing these beautiful moments but also sharing them with the world. For example you go far a vacation or participated in some special adventure and there you find many beautiful location and sceneries which attracted you.

Here in these kinds of situation you can increase your pleasure by capturing these beautiful moments on your camera or camcorder or mobile phone. These beautiful moments may be anything like movement of the clouds, sunset, or any beautiful activity which attract your attention. All these beautiful moments which you have captured on your camera, now can easily be uploaded to the Youtube to share with other too.

By doing this, we not only give life to our memories but also provide other with a chance to see the world through our eyes. Moreover people can also embed these videos on there blog or site for sharing them with their visitors. really provides a great opportunity for all of us to explore.

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Next online Revolution-Youtube

Youtube is already a big hit among its users. More and more people around the world are now interested in making videos, thanks to the Youtube. Youtube has really revolutionized the way of sharing videos online. Today most of the people have mobile phones or digicams which can easily shot the videos. Youtube has made every person a director and provided him with a freedom to load many new and exciting things online.

In the recent times, youtube got both people’s appreciation and people’s anger. Time and time again, there come many news in which few people uploads videos on the Youtube which hurt the feeling of some country, religion or group. However in positive sense, Youtube has more benefits then the disadvantage. Popularity of the Youtube is already on top and in near future we can only hope more raise in the popularity this unique innovation.

The major advantage with the Youtube is that it is very simple to use and even kinds can upload video on the youtube. It takes less than one minute in loading a video of I minute length. Most of the people at youtube loads only short length video, therefore no one face any problem of loading delays. Youtube in general has increased the reach of the camera of the ordinary people to every part of the world.

Today anything from any part of the world, captured on the camera or mobile phone can easily be loaded on youtube to the people of the whole word. There are many people and nation which feel youtube as threat and wants to ban it but with the rising popularity and wide usability of the Youtube, it is very difficult to stop this revolution.

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Easy Hotel Booking

Today vacations have become an important part of our life. More and more people are opting for the vacations in the present world. To fulfill this growing need of the visitors more and more countries are encouraging tourism in their nations. Every nation is trying to attract more and more visitors to it for getting the advantage of this growth. To accelerate tourism in their nation, these nations are promoting all the necessary infrastructures in their nation. Due to this factor we are seeing many big hotels, good quality roads and many other facilities for the tourists.

Moreover increasing income of the people worldwide is also booming the tourist business. Today people are ready to pay any cost for enjoying their vacations. To fuel this entire growth internet is also helping people. Today it is very easy to book hotels online with the help of internet. Thanks to the internationally accepted credit cards, any person living any where in the world can now book the hotels tickets. One of the good option of Hotel Reservations exist in the form of This site offers a great way of getting hotel reservations online. People traveling to the countries like US, EK, Ireland, France, Italy, Denmark and many other European nations can now easily book online tickets with this site.

Getting hotel reservation through this site is a very easy option. People need to select the country where they need the hotel reservation and then presses go. People will get the option of the lot of the hotels in that nation. People can find here hotels of the different category from cheap hotels to the expensive ones. There is some thing on this site for every kind of the visitors. Other great advantage of booking tickets with this site is that people can save up to 70% with this site. This is really a great saving for all. People can also take the help of their research and guide page to schedule their journey. There are many helps which are present for the visitors through this site which every travelers must like.

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Starting of Abhishek and Aishwarya Marriage Preparations

As there are only few days left for the marriage of two Indian sensational stars Abhishek Bachan and Aishwarya Ria, therefore the preparations for their marriage have started and they are progressing in full swing. This marriage is going to take place at the Amitabh Bachan’s resident. Due to this, cleaning and decoration of the Amitabh Bachan house has started. As this marriage is restricted to the only few close member of the Amitab Family. However media people are trying every effort to sneak in to the house and getting the information related to the marriage. Media people are now trying to see inside the house of the Amitab Bachan from the balconies and rooftops of the neighbors of Amitab Bachan.

These restrictions on the outer world and media are creating more interest in people for knowing more on what is happening in the Amitab House. More as per the latest media news, Aishwarya Rai will decorate her hands with the famous Sajot Mehndi of Rajasthan and about 15 kg of the Sajot Mahndi is rushed to Mumbai for this purpose. Sajot Mehndi is believed to be the best mehndi is world. This mehndi last for the long time and give more bright color as compared to the other mehndis. With this news, we can infer that both Aishwarya and Abhishek will try to complete all their dreams and why not because they are big stars and second they can also affords these things too.

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About Abhishek Bachan

Abhishek Bachan is today one of the most promising stars from Indian film industry. In the recent hit films like Guru, Dhoom and Dhoom-2, he has already showed his potential to the world. Abhishek has one good name attached with him is of his father Amitabh Bachan. Amitab Bachan is a super star of the India film industry. Even today Amitabh Bachan holds a great appeal to the people.

When Abhishek Bachan first entered in the film industry then people have same expectation from him. However his initial career was not so successful and he saw one after another flop movie. Most of people then made their minds that it is not possible for the Abhishek Bachan to act well. However with his great hard work, Abhishek put every one wrong. Today Abhishek Bachan films are becoming big hit and people around are recognizing him.

Born on the 5 February 1976, to Amitab Bachan and Jaya Bachan, Abhishek bachan is known to have the shy nature. He has done his initial schooling from the Mumbai and shifted to Switzerland for further studies. He got his college degree from the Boston University. Today this 6'1" tall Indian star is in big demand. Abhishek Bachan has earned a good place for himself in the hearts of the people which is away from any influence of his father name. Today it doesn’t matter that he is the son of Amitab Bachan or not because he has created a distinctive image for himself with the help of his superb acting.

Presently Abhishek Bachan is also in news due to his marriage news with film actress Aishwarya Rai. Aiswarya Rai is today a big star of the Indian film industry and even she holds good international image too. Due to this reason marriage of both has become a topic of talk for every person. They both are going to married on 19th of this month at the Amitab Bachan residence. We all can only wish Abhishek Bachan a good and successful life ahead.

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Seeing the world in different angle

Most of us only see the world through the eyes of our religions, castes and nations. We never see this world as one single beautiful place to live. We have created so many walls around us, making our worlds very small. Only what we are doing is fighting for the cause of our small worlds. We try everything to destroy the worlds of the other people or putting them under harm. Due to this reason, we see around us only hatred, crime, injustice, terrorism and suppression.

It is not possible to solve these problems of the world unless we start believing this whole world as our own. Today what we require is a different angle of seeing the world. There are still many nations in this world, where people do not have even one day meal. On the other hands there are nation where complete human rights violations exist. Unconsciously we all have created a wall between ourselves, a wall between rich and poor, a wall between powerful and weak, a wall between educationalist and illiterate and a wall between good and bad.

With so many walls we can never think of making a good single world. Today we all are blaming poor and Islamic nations for giving rise to terrorism. However no one of us has ever tried to break these walls and making all people feel same. People fight or do crimes or become terrorism because they do not feel themselves as equal to other and due to this reason they blame others who are more powerful and rich than them for their this state.

Today we all need to design new boundaries, follow new unbiased thoughts and create world full of equal ness to every one. At present it is possible for us to start working in this direction as whole of the world is becoming a global village, thanks to the IT revolution. A small change in our thinking has the potential of significantly changing the world around us. By doing this, we not provide help to billions of others but will also create a safe world for our self and other surrounding.

Finally a goodbye to Greg Chappell

According to the Greg Chappell he is not going to renew his contract with the India team which is going to expire after this world cup. With this we can say that the controversial era of the Greg Chappell as the coach has gone. Greg Chappell is the first coach in the Indian history that has seen so many controversies. More or less his exist is apparent after the shameful lose of the Indian team in this world cup. As a coach he is a failure as Indian teams is not even able to qualify for the super six matches. This is the worst ever performance by the Indian team in the history. After the early exist of the Indian team from the world cup it was evident that the days of the Greg Chappell has numbered. However the recent controversy between him and Sachin tendulkar made it even more difficult for him to stay as coach. Now we can hope that the next coach of the Indian team will be a Indian because BCCI is now not interest in any other controversy.

New controversies in Indian Cricket

In the cricket world we say the worst performance ever by any Indian cricket team. The main thing which pinched most the Indian fans that Indian team lost the world cup despite having so many good players with number of records which exceed any one. Most of the people believe that these old guns of the Indian cricket should now leave the place for the other new players. However on the other hand players have their own expectation and want to continue more. Therefore this situation has taken a new look where people and cricket board is confused about the next move. In this whole situation we all can only hope to find a solution soon and finding Indian cricket back on the right path.

How many more poor people will be killed by the rich people’s cars?

All of us must be aware about the shameful incidence of the Dehradun, where three drunken +2 class students of the Doon school smashed their luxurious Honda city car in to a motorcycle. The collision was so strong that both the motorcyclists flew meters above the ground before collapsing with the windscreen of car and ground. One of the motorcyclists, Vikram Singh, a computer teacher, died at the spot and the second victim Rahul is in coma. All the three students are absconding and are believed to have left for their homes. As per the news in the media, student’s parents are not accepting their children crime and claiming that children are innocent.

These kinds of the cases are not new in the present India where number of the rich peoples is on rise. With the increase in number of rich people, number of luxury cars on the roads is also increasing and some of these cars then crush innocent poor people on the road. This story is not a case in isolation and moreover this will not be the last case. With the increasing number of the vehicle in the hands of the children and increase in consumption of the liquor, we can only expect increase in number of accidents in near future. Nothing has being done in the past to punish these crimes and also nothing we can hope to be done in future.

Most of these accused belong to high class and therefore get freedom with the help of their money and power. The second major reason behind the weakening of these cases is lack of the evidence. There is hardly any person in India who will come forward in the help of the accident victims, may be due to the flaws in our system or due to dead souls. Today blood of the people is warm due to the recent death of the innocent Vikram Singh but within few days, this case will be abandoned and become memories of the old days. These three children will move for more luxurious life. May be this is what we call life in India?

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Overdose of superstition in Abhishek and Aishwarya marriage?

Today we are living in an extremely advanced world, where man is breaking many old barriers. In present world we cannot allow superstition to over take us. However one the other hand marriage of super star Abhishek Bachan and Aishwarya Rai is seemed to full of many superstitions. Few months back we all saw Aihwarya Rai marrying a Pipal tree and at that time Bachan Family also visited many temples and performed many yagnas to avoid the Mangalic dosa of Aishwarya Rai.

Moreover as per the latest news Bachan and Rai family have cancelled the functions planned on the 20th April because this day is not good for the Rai family. All these news only indicate that the great love story of the today's youth icons is finding troubles in the water of superstition. Indirectly all these incidences are only giving encouragements to the superstition in the grass root level. Vedic science has its own truths but this open show of superstition cannot be a real practice of the Astrology.

If these things got acceptance in the near future then we could hope to see every one consulting an astrologer before doing a simple work. Anybody can ask Anhishek and Aishwarya that if they started loving each other by consulting an astrologer. All these incidences only mislead the common people who madly follow their stars.

A person may consult any number of astrologers but it is not possible for any one to avoid what is written in the fate. As being the big star of the Indian film industry and being as a role model of billion of people, it has become the responsibility of the Bachan and Rai family to avoid any such kind of misleading information form spreading.

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