Overdose of superstition in Abhishek and Aishwarya marriage?

Today we are living in an extremely advanced world, where man is breaking many old barriers. In present world we cannot allow superstition to over take us. However one the other hand marriage of super star Abhishek Bachan and Aishwarya Rai is seemed to full of many superstitions. Few months back we all saw Aihwarya Rai marrying a Pipal tree and at that time Bachan Family also visited many temples and performed many yagnas to avoid the Mangalic dosa of Aishwarya Rai.

Moreover as per the latest news Bachan and Rai family have cancelled the functions planned on the 20th April because this day is not good for the Rai family. All these news only indicate that the great love story of the today's youth icons is finding troubles in the water of superstition. Indirectly all these incidences are only giving encouragements to the superstition in the grass root level. Vedic science has its own truths but this open show of superstition cannot be a real practice of the Astrology.

If these things got acceptance in the near future then we could hope to see every one consulting an astrologer before doing a simple work. Anybody can ask Anhishek and Aishwarya that if they started loving each other by consulting an astrologer. All these incidences only mislead the common people who madly follow their stars.

A person may consult any number of astrologers but it is not possible for any one to avoid what is written in the fate. As being the big star of the Indian film industry and being as a role model of billion of people, it has become the responsibility of the Bachan and Rai family to avoid any such kind of misleading information form spreading.

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