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Tribute to Saint Sri Maskeenji

Today if any person wants to understand Gurbani in depth then Late Gurbani Scholar Maskeenji provides a way. Though Maskeenji is not present in this world today but still people can listen to him through his video/audio cassettes and CDs. In the market there are many Maskeenji’s insightful collections available which people can bought and makes their life more enlightened with the wisdom of Gurbani.

Today most of the religions which we see are not available in front of us in the pure form and with the passage of the time many misinterpretations of the words, dialogues and stories have happened. All these things have made it very difficult for us to understand and take our religions as they are? Sikh religion is one of the greatest religions ever present on the earth. Gurbani from the Sri Guru Granth Sahib provides a great wisdom in front of us which can help us in awakening our dead souls.

However for the ordinary people it is not possible to understand the facts of Gurbani by just reading it because for most of the people it is not possible to rightly interpret the real meaning of the words. For this purpose, we require bless of an enlightened and wise person who can help us in understanding these points which are above our normal thinking. Here comes the role of Saints like Maskinji, who put his whole life in the service of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib and Gurbani.

Maskeeji’s disclosers provide a great light on many of the facts. It is easy to understand his saying because he put forward things in front of us in scientific way and also his saying are full of many real examples. In the present world, where many of us are finding it is difficult to cope up with their life, religion and values, can find the disclosers of the Maskinji very helpful.

This article is not some kind of the marketing propaganda because Maskeen ji already holds a great popularity among all Guru Lovers and his cassettes and CDs sell like hot cakes in the market. I only want to tell people that all his disclosers are real bless and can help us in coming more near to the real purpose of our life.

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