How many more poor people will be killed by the rich people’s cars?

All of us must be aware about the shameful incidence of the Dehradun, where three drunken +2 class students of the Doon school smashed their luxurious Honda city car in to a motorcycle. The collision was so strong that both the motorcyclists flew meters above the ground before collapsing with the windscreen of car and ground. One of the motorcyclists, Vikram Singh, a computer teacher, died at the spot and the second victim Rahul is in coma. All the three students are absconding and are believed to have left for their homes. As per the news in the media, student’s parents are not accepting their children crime and claiming that children are innocent.

These kinds of the cases are not new in the present India where number of the rich peoples is on rise. With the increase in number of rich people, number of luxury cars on the roads is also increasing and some of these cars then crush innocent poor people on the road. This story is not a case in isolation and moreover this will not be the last case. With the increasing number of the vehicle in the hands of the children and increase in consumption of the liquor, we can only expect increase in number of accidents in near future. Nothing has being done in the past to punish these crimes and also nothing we can hope to be done in future.

Most of these accused belong to high class and therefore get freedom with the help of their money and power. The second major reason behind the weakening of these cases is lack of the evidence. There is hardly any person in India who will come forward in the help of the accident victims, may be due to the flaws in our system or due to dead souls. Today blood of the people is warm due to the recent death of the innocent Vikram Singh but within few days, this case will be abandoned and become memories of the old days. These three children will move for more luxurious life. May be this is what we call life in India?

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