Abhishek and Aishwarya Marriage a big commercial success

Finally as we all are aware that much hyped marriage of the Abhishek and Aishwarya has started yesterday. Fans of the both around India and abroad are trying to get as much information about the marriage as they can get. People are watching TV news, listening radios, reading news papers or browsing net for getting any new news related to this whole episode. Abhishek and Aishwarya marriage is providing a good business to many channels, websites, and newspaper. Therefore every media who has good coverage about this marriage is going to earn good money.

Second both Aishwarya and Abhishek will be going to earn a big fortune for them. The earning form their marriage will be in rough estimates 3 to 5 times more then the amount they earn through single money. Exact figure is difficult to provide with out any concrete announcement and this figure may increase with more craze for the marriage. Also due to the stickiness of the income tax, we may never know the exact figures of money earned by the couple. Therefore in simple words, we can say that marriage is going to make both Abhishek and Aishwarya richer. This money could be enough for the Abhishek and Aishwarya to bring up their children well.

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