Success of Indian private entertainment channels

We all must remember the time when we have only one channel to watch that is Doordarshan, a government controlled TV channel. At that time, we have no choice what to watch what is aired on the channel. Though there are many good programs presented on this channel but most of time we have less choice. The thing, we can say variety was missing.

Then approximately 15 years back, when the private channels entered Indian skies though CNN, Star Plus and Zee TV. After this, whole story is present in front of us. Today we have more three channels in the different Indian languages and about 100 channels are waiting launch. This realty tells the story how Indian audience has adapted this change. With the decreasing price of making a TV channels and lot of easy help available for the people, more and more people are entering into this venture.

In the next few years, we can find it more difficult to decide which channel to watch. Today we have channel in every segment like music, entertainment, adventure, sport, comedy, regional and many other. Now we can say that Indian is entering in to a world of the TV channels where people have lot and lot of variety to watch.
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