India become $ 1 trillion economy

There is good news for all the Indians that today India achieved one more milestone by becoming a $1 trillion economy. India is the 12th nation of the world to achieve this glory. All this has become possible only due to the strengthening value of the rupee in the world market. This is really a great achievement for country like India which has poor background in the past. Second this achievement also shows that we as a nation are growing and we hold a good stand in the world. United states top this group with more than $ 13 trillion economy. China holds a forth position with $ 2.5 trillion. More information about this topic people can found by visiting this link The other amazing news as per this articles is that net wealth of 20 million strong non resident Indians is over $ 1 trillion which is more than economy of the whole nation. However still this is a good and commendable achievement for the country like Indian and we all could hope to see many more such news in the future.
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