Seeing the world in different angle

Most of us only see the world through the eyes of our religions, castes and nations. We never see this world as one single beautiful place to live. We have created so many walls around us, making our worlds very small. Only what we are doing is fighting for the cause of our small worlds. We try everything to destroy the worlds of the other people or putting them under harm. Due to this reason, we see around us only hatred, crime, injustice, terrorism and suppression.

It is not possible to solve these problems of the world unless we start believing this whole world as our own. Today what we require is a different angle of seeing the world. There are still many nations in this world, where people do not have even one day meal. On the other hands there are nation where complete human rights violations exist. Unconsciously we all have created a wall between ourselves, a wall between rich and poor, a wall between powerful and weak, a wall between educationalist and illiterate and a wall between good and bad.

With so many walls we can never think of making a good single world. Today we all are blaming poor and Islamic nations for giving rise to terrorism. However no one of us has ever tried to break these walls and making all people feel same. People fight or do crimes or become terrorism because they do not feel themselves as equal to other and due to this reason they blame others who are more powerful and rich than them for their this state.

Today we all need to design new boundaries, follow new unbiased thoughts and create world full of equal ness to every one. At present it is possible for us to start working in this direction as whole of the world is becoming a global village, thanks to the IT revolution. A small change in our thinking has the potential of significantly changing the world around us. By doing this, we not provide help to billions of others but will also create a safe world for our self and other surrounding.
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