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Abhishek Bachan is today one of the most promising stars from Indian film industry. In the recent hit films like Guru, Dhoom and Dhoom-2, he has already showed his potential to the world. Abhishek has one good name attached with him is of his father Amitabh Bachan. Amitab Bachan is a super star of the India film industry. Even today Amitabh Bachan holds a great appeal to the people.

When Abhishek Bachan first entered in the film industry then people have same expectation from him. However his initial career was not so successful and he saw one after another flop movie. Most of people then made their minds that it is not possible for the Abhishek Bachan to act well. However with his great hard work, Abhishek put every one wrong. Today Abhishek Bachan films are becoming big hit and people around are recognizing him.

Born on the 5 February 1976, to Amitab Bachan and Jaya Bachan, Abhishek bachan is known to have the shy nature. He has done his initial schooling from the Mumbai and shifted to Switzerland for further studies. He got his college degree from the Boston University. Today this 6'1" tall Indian star is in big demand. Abhishek Bachan has earned a good place for himself in the hearts of the people which is away from any influence of his father name. Today it doesn’t matter that he is the son of Amitab Bachan or not because he has created a distinctive image for himself with the help of his superb acting.

Presently Abhishek Bachan is also in news due to his marriage news with film actress Aishwarya Rai. Aiswarya Rai is today a big star of the Indian film industry and even she holds good international image too. Due to this reason marriage of both has become a topic of talk for every person. They both are going to married on 19th of this month at the Amitab Bachan residence. We all can only wish Abhishek Bachan a good and successful life ahead.

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