My Dog

I love my pet dog, which is now 15 years old and has become very old. His is suffering from the problems in his back legs and some times find it very difficult to move and stand. It is very painful for me see him in this situation because my dog has grown in my hands from a small one moth puppy to a big dog. Being of premium breed big dog, my dog has always attracted the attention of every one. He has always remained the favorite of the children due to his calm nature. Even in his this age, he holds a good look. Old age is really a very difficult time and how in this stages a person or animal fight with his dieing body. I love my dog very much and want many more such years for him but I also now this fact, thing will not change with my wish. When his time will come then I will not be able to do any thing. However still I have made an unspoken relation of love with him which will grow even if he is not in this world. Pets really play a very important role in our life and I will be always thankful to my dog for making my life so wonderful.
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