"Provoked" failed to Provoke us

Provoked is one of the most talked about movie in the recent past because it is made on a true story and second it highlights the condition of the Indian women. This movie present in front of us real story of Kiranjit Ahluwalia, who suffered number of injustices from her husband. Her suffering becomes so high that they provoke her to kill her husband. This story tries to tell the real story behind the picture that why a mother of two children killed her husband after 10 years of the marriage. Originally this movie was made in English with lead performance by the Aishwarya Rai as the victim Kiranjit Ahluwalia.

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Shot in England, this movie is also now available in Hindi dubbed version, many of the violent and sexual scenes have been deleted from this movie for the shake of India audience. Now comes the main question that Provoke is really able to tell a story or tell a story which provoke us then answer is no. Though film is good and provides a good watch but still a punch is missing in this movie. This movie looks more as justification then as providing real information.

Many questions in this movie remain unanswered as why it is so? Does violence can make a women to attack her husband and burned him alive in sleep? Second a good point about the murder was that she intentionally put caustic soda in the petrol to make it more damaging, therefore we can not say that it is unplanned murder because a simple women is required to study for learning this concept. There are many critical points which also remained unanswered in the film. Overall direction of the movie is also faulty and it looks more as one sided story which believes and force her innocent and innocent from beginning and end. Aishwarya’s acting is also not very convincing as her faces does not totally reflects the pain many time.

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