Never and never postpone

There is one thing which is common in most of the human beings that we all are lazy by our nature and due to this laziness we postpone my important things to the future. These important things can be anything like important work, important decision, important change or any other important thing. The other thing which we face when we postpone things is that we get in to the habit of postponing and postponing thing again and again.

Sometimes due to this habitual postponing lives of the individuals even come to total stand still. In simple words we can say that growth of the individual stops because in familiar situations individual is not required to learn any thing new. Where as other people who take the timely decisions and accept the new challenging grow more both in wealth and in mental level. Other major disadvantage of the postponement is that we some time miss very important opportunities in our life, which if taken may have created a big change in our life.

Third when we postpone things again and again pile up so large work for us that it become impossible for us to complete this work on time. We all are required to lean a simple lesson in life that postponing things is not a good habit and by postponing things for the future we are only increasing problems for ourselves in the future. However the good news is that anyone can break this habit anytime by starting taking timely decisions.

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